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What is the Royal Commission history Government , DI-ONQU KINGDOM and Allied International Force

The Royal Commission & Allied International Force

of God the Ruler is the oldest but youngest Rulers with Global territory rights .Bound only by eternal law the young Ruler who is now 34 accurate age to get back into investments ,business, creations ,fixing and reconstructing his supernatural power and dealing with world dealing entering Leadership School early 2019 by the Great Gen. Colin Powell with his family, friends and people of the world good at heart . After adempt by politics federal and US government and family moving to America in 1984 from his private island and 5+ bedroom house of Salt Cay in Turks & Caicos . Now living in America undergoing a military observation leading to mission on preternatural and a political review due 2019 . After King George VI found the young Ruler on his island suffering from memory loss intentional inflected by Preternatural criminal enterprise the King Re-assigned the land to the young Ruler of the Universe "God" starting with America were the King lives in his county of Kings then under the reign of the British monarch until 1950's learning that all monarch are ordained or appointed by the only living God . This God who's name currently is America King or Kevin Lee has one power that has numerous functions "supernatural"known as the unexplainable or unknown to scholars and scientists . Some say this is the care God celebrated as "Cupid' in America he turned his supernatural to business .Example : 1)Water ,Seeds, Food (not processed) are all natural made from God who replenish earth

2)Astral Body ,Disappearing ,Body Organs & Skin are organic made from the power source

3)Technology,Energy, Power - Processed from natural made from the power source

4)Mobile Phone case, microwave meals or ready meals, breakfast cereal etc . are processed unnatural . Not made by God man made .

On record living threw reincarnation since 1909 coming back to his island Belfour Salt Cay changing his appearance around the end of 1930's-1954 to Lloyd George Been who was said that people impersonating his family tried to kill him some claim he was swallowed by a whale or fish but no body was ever found and funerals were staged later it was learned the criminal enterprise made his body astral and inflected memory loss to forget his wealth children or accomplishment and how to operate supernatural power at times the young Ruler would be attacked by criminal enterprise and left not even remembering how to read or write . Also framed attempts as a drug dealer or gangster around the 1950 after criminal enterprise was caught stealing his family bodys (Astral Body)to get to finances was caught selling drugs under his name and using his body unbelievable to American police and federal authoritys but Turks and Caicos police knew of Lloyd wealth ,many adempt attemps and supernatural power also demonic disowned son Shareefe Gilyard and mother She She and some of the Elam family are repeat fugitives convicted and banished for parallel schemes the local police of Salt Cay helped prove memory loss with bank account he forgot about thinking he was poor but had billions of dollars in accounts in the house. Found around 1954-55 out his body as a loss soul the King made the body he is in now holding the same body since the 1950-.Kevin his name in the American states moving here around 1984 with loyal kids, family and friends Holding many names like Sha or Shy Stubbs given to him by a family on the island who let him board with them for a little while after a demotion . Yusef was another name used until 1984 the full name is Abdullah Yusef Ali given honorary by writer Abdullah Yusuf Ali he wrote a version of the Bible with the deed to world in it .Albert was a change of race for the young Ruler he first naturally changed with a soap that can change or lighten your skin complexion where I appear Caucasian later done with my power source and cosmotology . "The change was just my way of saying black and white are the same "people" because of the conflict of slavery till the 1960's I had white family's who took me in like those in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle." Rick Rubin, the young Gods first business partner the co-founder of Def Jam Recording the first major or commercial Rap recording label . Rubin mentor /consultant to America when starting a now successful culture "Hip Hop" Albert was the body he did alot of business in the beginning of "Hip Hop" Rick Rubin didn't beleive it was me at first in the states because of "Shareefe" cloning me for cowardly acts of hatred and jealouse of wealth and family bond between daughters and scared of criminal due process but the money ,knowledge ,work ethic ,writing ,documents proved everything to Mr. Rubin it was the only way I could prove it after a pervios ademption and stolen documents .Russell Simmons cooperated with a scheme to cover up history and ancient Facts and intentionally helped then wife Kimora and Rulers biological daughter Aoki a staged daughter for Kimora in a international cover up and conspiracy to deprive and misleading billions of people and Ruler . He mislead the world with fake or staged news reports and photo ops claiming that's his daughter leading to him being Framed and caught in his current rape scandal that was investigated and was found Kimora has a Astral body and has been caught before in Russell body . NYPD (73pct,69pct,Flatbush pct. AND FEDERAL SYSTEM covered up reports and preternatural behavior and activity of Kimora Lee Simmons abusing her Celebrity status to frame entrapp innocent acting concerned but have other motives a lying or misleading informant leading to Russell Simmons current character assignation because he lied and said facts were untrue and preternatural can't happen or reincarnation is myth, not mythological going along with Kimora and criminal enterprise who are not as financially stable as Russell when he had to kick up to much money and wanted out they public assinating his character and set him up to extort sometimes just to keep silenced with threats not to talk about topics as sensitive as preternatural rape .

Kevin, George ,or Cigs or America King author "Mr 50million" in just 3days and Nas said Hip Hop dead Lol (Luv ya Nasir) was used after 1984 after learning about the "Poverty Stricken Epidemic" in United States and worldwide living seemingly sheltered on his small island . His currency in government accounts (Federal , State,Monarchs ) has been misappropriated , misused , mishandle , amoung other charges . With no resolution politically or from federal system ,not even a thought process for governments who sole purpose for assembly and establishment is for the betterment ,care and upholding the rights of its citizens .These institutions have strait from their original purpose . Bringing the militarys to conduct a military review before a guaranteed economical infusing to the hand of the homeless, poverty stricken , and poor and deprived

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