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Allied International Force


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Rules Guidelines for Soilders Commanders and Civilian personnel of Allied Force

Tips Donations and Gifts are excepted to website link on https://Allied or to the hands of

service members of AIF

No home cooked food on duty can be excepted the

only rule and order by Supreme commander Governments can only recieve money at stipend in

check memo written or cash said to be stipend But international force registered Tips donations and gifts are excepted to the hands of the Soilders ,Commanders ,Civilian staff and whole force .

No service member is required to give detailed information about AIF mission classified means their ordered forbidden not to talk about classified missions and task only Dishonorable military like U.s

Army have to share every detail of their day mission or task to any and every citizen when they ask .

All reports require a direct cell or phone number for immediate call back . Please fill out entire Report form the more info the better . You must file form below to get a service member to talk to you about anything .

Case observers and investigated with in 24 hours of filing a formal military report on the website . Advise and info call Supreme Commander office Administration and Lawsuit Division call 424-588- 2025

Or email

24/7 7 days a week Work immediate hire at Allied international force

On-Call : Jobs and missions you want to except Full time 8 hours

Partime time 4 hours

Remote work

Sign on Bonus $5000Δ- $20000Δ Overtime bonus


Pension Retirement Free health care

Allied international force and the Royal Commission Government is now hiring candidates for military and international force work civilian (paper work and non combat position) and combat or execution work . Trained A2 markesmen and higher also paid training available for all positions but Armed Forces 4or 8 hour shifts shifts times can vary 24/7 work calls availible and on-call execution work when you want on-call . Civilian work also open for hire like food handlers , Programmers (webmasters and engineering accepted will train ), Chefs , drivers , gun loaders , adminstration , investigators , security guards , investigetions dept. We also outsource to companys firms etc trained or willing to train hired immediately . Armed Forces excepting right away A2 and higher executioners for government death warrants , capital offence or misscarriage of justice .Justed announced New Divison Open positions now for warrant squad , arrest & investigation field , cop trained , police academy trained , White collared , Mal practice crime divison needed asap .

Salarys start at $65,000Δ annually for entry level civilians , Commanders A1 marksmen $120,000Δ A2 start at $90,000Δ. Basic military training needed but not required paid training .

Disclaimer :

. Skill

 There are 13 enlisted Army ranks: private, private second class, private first class,

 specialist, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, sergeant first class, master sergeant,

 first sergeant, sergeant major, command sergeant major and sergeant major of the


 Skill Level 10 identifies entry-level positions requiring performance of tasks under direct supervision

 Level 20 identifies positions requiring performance of more difficult tasks under general supervision; and in

 some instances, involving supervision of soldiers in Skill Level 10

  Officer Ranks

Second Lieutenant. ... First Lieutenant. ... Captain. ...

Major. ...

Lieutenant Colonel. ... Colonel. ...

Brigadier General. ... Major General




 Former United states Police hired in the last 10yrs not accepted. No U.S Army and military accepted no field division or department accepted .

Serious missions if ablidged please dont apply :

U.s. government politics , congress , Federal system removed from buildings closing some execution by shooting the United states government according to filed documents in United nations must be carried out . Indicted whole military executed with Team of over 150,000 employed Executioners at AIF . Self proclaimed royals , politicians , government officials executions by shotings or beheading . Federal jails , courts , office buildings raided ceased and closed for good . Serious inquiries only if you abliged please don't apply . Read below in subject line put the field divisions or department you are interested in ...Salutes to you...

Leave a Resume or Cover letter training & experience let us know if you need training in email



4 hour or 8 hour shifts full time ór part time positions 24/7 availability . On-call work division pop

on missions or single execution on your time ,Remote work , Fleets , Squadrons , Platoons sign on to missions amy time with Global Porsche phone . You can work 2-3 jobs positions with 3 diff. salarys or dept. At one time if you would like .

1) Armed Forces : Daily Executions of Government issued Death warrants , state to state and world wide and Now added arrest unit work also

2) Oceanography : Coast Guard Captain , Sea Fireman , Lost & Found treasure and property division , Boat shows .

3) Logistics & Organization for Documentation , Dept. , Units , Squadrons , Fleets . 4) Programing , Equipment updating , system maintenancing , operations

5) Cat work & Prep work (Gun Loader) : Preparation of Artillery & Trucks , Tanks , Bombers or Patrol Car loading and prep also dispatching before and after the mission or war and day .



6) Civilian : Medical On call Doctors and Daily and Response Team Nurses , Doctors Medical assistance , Chef's and Line cooks , Investigation , CDL A & B drivers .

7) Murder Trained Division implemented on missions when whole Governments , Lawenforcement , Security firms etc cooperate or oppose war or corruption .

8) Spokesman and Spokeswoman Board : For Press outlets , Newswires , Front desk news to have .

9) International Military Tribunal (courts) Jails unlisted for detained (state sentence) , Preternatural or Purgatory .

10) Global Revamp team : From security firms for meeting and instillations of Government purchased upgrades to all states community , commute and environment also Spokeswoman and Spokesman .

11) Fugitive watch , Preternatural captured , Warrant squad , Division to locate , search and find face & body change suspects and fugitives & ingiginous creatures

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