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Greatings from the Royal commission Government and Allied Powers on another podcast dealing with law

Greatings from the Royal commission Government and Allied Powers on another podcast dealing with laws you are and are not bound by any more . Now U.S Gov politics out the world filed call any united nations with feds FBI and Congress forever gone .Here are the laws for child support laws for store fruads laws for fake false arrest laws for judges to go to jail in exonerated cases


Royal Commission Government find the world with food stamps ,train station s new sewage system free lighting bill , Paved countries , with afro turf ,new school system ,free college like fed student loans 9 hour Global revamp movie that came to lives .While Closing Congress who established politics forever document sealed in the United Nations .while the rob and steal from a country held as a.Melton pot giving the world back money forensicing whole banks finding stolen like lost accounts handed back classified mission Sneak America Politics a sneaky nation sneak a nation also Government jobs no lunch money handed back fraud state supposes to build money handed back plus businesses that are private you can get a check from.your first job McDonald's with Will and estate fraud looked back investigation over 200 years as Congress around and same age as earth World garnishment parking tickets summons fines handed to officers a old procedure Lawsuits ,Conjunctions investment money paid to courts before the 1970's never proper marked off by courts or police handed back to the hand of proper owners . Rooms of money held by feds and Congress seized and Classified Sneaky nation legal banks closed by the Federation gov legally closed and Federal never approved to open stole moms home bank in her house Rush by fraud FBI agents with a illegal fee of 1million dollars when feds pay 10k from the government licence then over charge 300k more a year All given back to the hands of the proper owner By International force Allied AIF 2 year similar Assembly meaning full 24/7 Work all over the world 

Policy illegal takem at Laws former. U.S.government passed can't use to day .

App fraud Laws for Citizen to Self defense Execute a citizen can Kill Legally By hand "Self defense" Execution book of Laws .I ain't afraid to use violence or gang violence to defend my self to protect my self     App fraud easy to get your money back . In Google put "Computer forensic" near meForensic Accountant : check business accounts for fraudDisclaimer All U.s NY or state police are legal so if you have corrupt NYPD or any state Law enforcement Commissioner have taken their ability to train at Shooting Ranges and Closed the Academy 10 yes so any police less than 10 yrs commit a false arrest You can self defence Execution Because Kevin Lee said No NYPD has received no paycheck for 2 yrs no NYPD will ever get a paycheck or back pay for defience of Unwilling Order and Place because of the Legacy of NYPD Tamir Rice ,Trayvon Martin ,Eric Garner ,Amadudalo etc Law enforcement Commission will not grant Kevin Lee Gov general God a license with just a name change fromNypd to ---------all old U.s dept transfer to Royal Commission Gov.for 3 yes got pay hikes proper pay for college matching the last salary .Police come to work to fraud .Self Defence  Laws : The ability for a citizens to Kill legallya regular person By  law beat them with a bottle chair and Timberland stomp they face to the found Even police officers who responded to 911 call and the broke 1 law is Miscarriage of justice Military can execute by shooting or by hand with A2 training But a normal Citizen can Kill a police ,Friend , neighbor or family in Law its called Self defence laws Personally effected your life : Witch craft is Voodoo ,Spanish fly ,Santa maria  ,Lutherian Studies Anglican studies ,Cabballa ,Lumitie ,Mason etc any Secret society books or study Beating someone to death by any means Police in U.S.A have no law enforcement license since 2010 so any officer who don't know law can be beaten to death on the street for exudes like this is a Civil matter not criminal lie is law but Conjunction can be made on. The scene Over 5 minutes not on the scene of the crime infraction on arrest no arrestThe person who wave the first hand or take the first blow or verbally aggressive scream to loud vouger or treat the defender can back up and self defence Kill you no arrest .Over 1 billion dollars debt execution after complete payment by lawSomeone found in your house or property Trespassing or robbery you can self Defence execution personLaw criminal : Inherent ; Existing in someone Spirit or soul taking over your body .Know how to work Black Magic Santa Maria Law : Tamper with Secret Scientific MaterialLeaving or Ability to secerttlly leave your body or sepearte soul from body List of  Law: Astro Body Over 1¢ in App fraud you can self defence execute Call your local medical examiners office death line and report a death: My life was personally Effected state what person did Before or After the Self defence execution . On your record if police ever puck you up illegally the judge and courts will release you because you reported properly someone "Personally effected your life" Law and Clause in law " .Computer Forensic Services : Handel all app fraud tablets , bank accounts , cell phones ,Laptop ,Desk top etc .On Google in google  'Computer Forensic' near you . All app fraud is returned on the first phone over the phone call in minute's or less with the ATM footage for less than $600 Start up and major company's "Computer Forensic" is the name of businesses who cover app fraud to computers ,cell phones , tablets any device . The legal process over the phone call or text Computer forensic services app fraud is not new or undeveloped by investigation teams your money is returned and fee is transfered back to the company after app fraud is scanned and only your name and bank name is needed no bank account number is nessecary . Legal rates Fee :App fraud is usually $300-$599 for regular checking personal account . Business accounts start at $1000-$2000Tip √G$√1000 no less .Forensic AccountantHire to cover Business accounts or Investigation on lawyers and Bank account issues of business when a Lawyer or accountant who had or has access to your business account . If you have more than 51% ownership you can call any Forensic account service and have your lawyer or accountant detailed with out him or her knowing better to not tell so me forensic team can see your lawyer or accountant while he or she is using the business bank account .ATM money never came out the machine . If the ATM ever jam and you never recievied your cash the process is you call the number on the back of your Debit or credit card . The store or Bank ATM will not return your money even if their willing to because thats private company in corner stores it takes 3-5 days for them to fly in for that one machine when with a commercial back like M & T you money is returned in minutes because they can see or pull the ATM footage faster to see the transaction was a machine default or scam jammer by fraud kids or did you do the fraud they can determine by investigation database that show ATM footage and activities rreal time . The number on the back of you debit card will have your money back in 10days short investigation the legal length a company has to notify of a lengthy Investigation 45 days max you have to wait before you file a lawsuit walking in court or online which files in your local court any city town or state . Turbocourt.comWays to discover a fraud app forensic company .No SomaoNeed account numbersNo Account lock after fraud is transfered Laws Immediately granted in cases if a business defraud or fraud u you are granted the Full amount of everything spent in the store from the day of first purchase on a 911 call if you ask no lawsuit is required . Its called asking the police for a "Conjunction" on the scene or the crime when they arrive or the 911 callSo from your first 25¢ Quarter water to every pack or cigar or cigerrettes purchased to beers money , optomo , blunts Strawberry & Vinnella Dutches era, raws the fund or what amonut of money you settle for The corner store or Even Macy's have to pay immediately in a 911call conjunction in15 days garnishment will happen . With a admittance they admited to you or Police they knew the law or what they were doing is wrong you don't have to wait 15 days its automatically deposit in you bank account on the crime scene .

10days the legal length a company has to notify of a lengthy Investigation 45 days max 

Conjunctions are what you ask police for money back for crime with money loss like theft ,grandlarceny larceny robbery ,scam ,scheme or con artist , computer tampering etc involved no lawsuit is needed to be filed police who say its a civil matter report to Military Internal fairs in your state or file a report at .

You can File a small claims lawsuit a civil relief $5,000-or$10,000 courts with a note in Description Reward and get Billions (Reward in the a small cliams case) Under 7 small wrong doing  is still a small claim and can file at starting at $34.00 which is sent to your local state or town courts properlly prepared and filed with court date and index number .

Corner stores 

Calitilizing : Any profit earned by store retail coner store who charge over 4 times the worth

Cup of tea $1.50 now But the profit earned math is a stack of cups are $2.00 a box of 100 cups divide to 2¢ a cup ,water free ,tea bag is $3.00 for 50 pack that's 3¢ . 60¢ is the exact amount estimated . $1.50

Chinese Restaurants

Half of chicken and fried rice  or 4chicken wings and French fries . Profit margin $10 at green acres farm wholesale for 50 pieces of chicken a box of chicken quarters $7 on sale that 20¢ a plate for rice prices divided by weight purchased amount 10¢ .That's Less than $1.00 the price to make Half of chicken and Fried Rice .

Debit card Minimum

 in Bodega ,Corners Stores Deli ,Convience Store ms 

Debit card Purchase less than $5.00or $10.00

If you want to purchase something for $1.00 and the Debit card minimum is $5.00 that's more that 4times the profit guilty of the law calitizing .

A pair of Michael Jordan cost less than $7.00 a sneaker if you google "The average cost to  make Michael Jordan Sneakers" Average price for sale $80-$350 new arrivals .

Law ingenious

Dirty Arabs say its a high card fee by law state on limit card company's to the max they can make to charge every transaction is 23¢ a transaction .

The state down not pick up Tickets for opening a back of Newport or any Phillip Morris brand Ciggerrttes .Selling  Loosely are legal to open a pack of cigerttets and sell single cigs at your local Bodega ,Corners Stores Deli ,Convience Store .

Signs im being Frauded and laws to defend you self :

Law : Any sales tax charged after 2020 or signs in store 1fraud Conjunction for everything ever purchased from the day I came to this store .

Law ; Galching :the charge a extra fee or only me they went up 2¢

Law : False Advertising :Menu say 1 price you charge $1.00 or 25¢ more .

Law ; Inconvenience : To get on your nerves to get in your way to . To take you out you regular scheduled ,To antagonize you .

Law ; Computer Tampering : Any app fraud punishment of Execution for 100 years for over 1¢ 1penny ,A alter or as small as aname change in a or Instagram  profile or bank account is computer tampering Over 1¢ penny capital offence Death row .

Security and Police standing in a ATM detail or patrol is illegal according to your security training 6-8 hours or Criminal justice school the police academy in all 50 states .Law 2000 years old .Any crime a police or security official take or do is punishment by Execution by shooting by A2 training and hire or 100 years each offence with regular arrest 100 year is a execution sentence by stats courts . 

Allied International Force" Law updates are in effect now since 2022 law status ,sentencing in all states ,court and gov. Guidelines , procedures and processes has changed and updated . The rules and policys of politics and the United States Government no longer apply to society America and their citizens . Like no smoking indoors it's law smoking is permitted indoors building can make no smoking policy but must make a disernated someking area in inpatient and detained jail or prison center . No more common wealth states for 2 years same sentence and arraignment process 24hrs from 3 days central booking process in city's till some commonwealth states it was 2 weeks till arraignment to get a court date for trail , time served or a contest in the case . Marijuana is legal to smoke indoors or out door s at any time of the day since 2020 . Marijuana has been legal to sale since the 1970 with a gov. Weed license for $500 or wholesale $1000 . Thousands of other updates properly implemented at the top of the year in mimorando the top of the year submitted to all government officials ,offices ,police , justice ,courts etc from the Royal Commission Government coming directly from the International government office .  Supreme CommanderKevin Lee finished theHoly war and Anyltical war  With everyone signed or killed "spills of war" like Osama Bin Laden , Quasimodo, Saddam Hussein , Barrack Hussein Obama , Pas a rape William Alfred Martin , Issis Mohammed and the fraudulent Sunni Muslims  500 members of the some 1- 115th congress Former Queen Elizabeth II with pledges of government distruction , terror and mass rape for 100 years over May Day May . Also Supreme Commander Lee ended the Anyltical war on politics and Congress with 2-3 documentary's , A book "Reincarnegro" in all bookstores Paperback , Ebook and Audio form the book that grossed over 10 billion dollars I sales in 2 years "REINCARNEGRO"  We the black Royals Gov. Review" to alert society what the Government did also to end the Anyltical war Singned and granted that the United States Government , Federal System , Politics & Congress are abolished indefinitely out the world filed in the United Nations .  We find out United States Government who used politics to serve the people frauded society and citizens for 2000 yrs .The Recovery stage in Anyltical war have 3 sets of  Forensic teams with whole businesses working under them contracted by Royal Commission Government and Allied International Force 1) Dept. is Will and Estate fraud by the Gov. And police of the U.s. gov ,2) World garnish 60 hundred million people are getting money returned every day from Investments , Conjunctions (Like a Lawsuits at the time of arrest) Lawsuit money paid to the courts to hand to person with relief in the case or out of court the process . Up into the 1970 United States Government policy was to hand the money payment or garnishment to the precinct , court or police officer . Also business fraud by lawyers during employment at 1000 of companies are being Forensiced if the job didn't give you lunch they may transfer the hourly wage for lunch for all the days not offered by job private or government who didn't offer  lunch .If proper salary wasn't paid for the position or matching your previous job salary starting you can receive a bank transfer with the explanation as a investigation in email and bank memo or $20 a week was missing for 10 years will be returned from 17 pages of companies won in court now the proper owner lawyers are  looking over and Forensiced old bank accounts of companies like McDonald's , Ford , Microsoft , AT& T , Mighty Quinn's , Universal Music Group & Universal Pictures , Sony , Def Jam Recordings and hundreds more .  

 United States transferred to the

Royal Commission Government world Gov. form updates .



Royal Commission Government is a registered world Government . Which welfare ,snap , ebt , ssi and all government payroll is now funded with The Royal Commission Government a world government plus former City , State workers world wide are now paid by the Royal Commission Government . Replacement of the abolished indefinitely United States government , Federal systems, Politics & Congress. Royal Commission Government is registered as a Aristracy & Communal government the original and most successful government form , like democracy we are now Communal "Every one treated equal" and the state of our Country is still America "Land of the Free home of the Brave" like a Republic state of the country in Dominican republic our stance or state of our country goes back to the people stance before the United States government we were American . With the U.S. government having no government funding account because of misappropriation of funds and a abolish U.S. government to start . All Countrys are now funded by the Royal Commission Government .


Transfered from the United States Government to the Royal Commission Government since 2019


Taxes have changed it's $7,000-$8,000 and up per child plus more benefits for dependents holders and all your taxes will be returned back to you at the Beginning of the year with automated filing  . 



Social security (mental health)and Suppliment income (Gov. General & family)

Citizenship in America

Government Identication


Allied International Force 


Employment for the 

Royal Commission Government & Allied International Force, police and cops hiring now , Administration (secretary) , data entry etc all fields  , no experience needed , experience is a plus . Opening hiring Correction officers in International military prison and courts 


Have any Ideas , Charity , Non profits , profit business , shelter or housing programs , jail or prison needs , society updates 


Royal Commission Government funding Request email for immediate call back





United States Government is abolish indefinitely since 2019 filed by U.K parliament and Granted by the Government General Kevin Lee . All Dept. Payrolls funding now come from The Royal Commission Government a world government form registered with International government office . U.S.Police departments are closing in all states imploding all state building because of inforstructure , damage , liens the Gov. never repaired even stopping state inspections from taking place under previous administrations leading to not recording damage in state buildings , curosion , bed bugs in the wall , crumbling walls and ceilings , steel in every state , city buildings bars in Jails and precincts , MTA turnstiles and payment machines made from moltensteel a illegal form of steel which ingriedance was a mixture of the street top drugs burned together to make steel moltensteel only sold by the United States Government , Congress , and politics and confiscated drugs picked up from precinct evidence room by Federal System investigated by Fordam Law school all over the U.S. found in reports online in states like Ohio drugs picked up by Feds . U.S. police department is now replaced by the Royal Commission police and cops in all states in America . The new government that funds every country poverty rural nieghborhoops even to local soup kitchens , payroll for government jobs etc . The formal government review is coming up where Royal Commission Government and Allied Powers and there International Force will visit the White house for the formal live TV program showing the ending of Politics, United States Government, Federal System and Congress filed in the United National .


All news and press story's involving U.S. or United States government or fraudulent Federal government , Federal system , federal courts must immediately be changed to Royal Commission Government a world government the only government in America . Royal Commission now paying all salary to all government personel and officials ever funded by U.S. government are now transfered to the Royal Commission Government even Welfare , snap , ebt has been changed sighting the increase growing by good deed purchase by Kevin Lee & the Government General train station fully paid for being installed now  in every country , biolers and remodeling repairs in all housing authority projects in America formally the United States , public school buildings repaired and updates etc purchased by the President of Royal Commission Government Kevin Lee who is Allied international force Supreme commander which is associated with Tuskegee Airforce and The Black Pioneers , Black Collectives where Kevin Lee is Commander and Founder .


Found in the United Nations

For 3 years the U.S. government , Federal systems , Politics and Congress has been abolish indefinitely filed by U.K Parliament and signed and granted by Gov.General Kevin Lee so story's using ( U.S. gov United States government , United States of America , Federal systems , Politics , Congress , Bipartisan Congress are all illegal on news , press channels and newswire etc , Lawsuit's will be filed , Press website and newswires will and can be siezed immediately , Live and Daily news can and will receive dead air if facts are ignored .


The end of the Anyltical war with politics and Holy war against mass rape with the execution of Osama Bin Laden , Quasimodo , Saddam Hussein , and Issis (Malcolm Leader name) and the signing of Sanctions to the end of the holy war with tactics of mass rape is William Alfred Martin and Barack Hussein Obama . 


The end of the Anyltical war recovery stage is now in effect the United States Government fraudulent activity to the American people led to over 600 million Americans receiving lost and stolen money withheld by the courts & police department and other Gov. Officials , investments were also returned to investigated proof of owners of funds , police conjunctions are the one team in the recovery stage of the war and missions . Will and estate fraud are another team and who's working on private businesses that galch payroll , never paid  salary or proper salary or pay proper according to the contract agreed or matching there previous salary . So every day Americans also people across the world are getting money deposited in to bank accounts from old jobs who didn't let you take lunch or lawyer or accountant galch or pinch money from paychecks , your inheritance was not given to you properly or handed to you at the funeral . The American pride scheme let police and fraudulent probate lawyers for decades give for decades lied about Will & Estate , probate law . Some say you can present a letter as your dieing wish to claim a will or estate which is false if no Will of Estate is filed which has to be followed to the tea and only handed to the Executor on the willor jail time and forfeit your inheritance .If no Will of estate is filed by law in every state the business , funds , property must be given to the deceased biological children evenly . Children proven by hospital records no birth certificate allowed Birth certificate only prove citerzenship in court .


Money from courts repaid from lawsuits where courts use to collect the money at the court house up into the 1980's . Since the first lawsuits 2000 years ago the same time earth and U.S. gov has been around and more ways in court fees and illegal charges at court , investment money held by court , people who hand the court lawsuits money to give to Plaintiff a former process by the court to collect the money if you loss a lawsuit you can pay the court and the court will hand it to the winning Party . Funds are being automatically return to rightful owner bank account with investigation done by professionals and explanation of the crime and money withheld .


Investments which were never given to correct owner are being Computer Forensiced for app fraud and non payment by professional Forensic Accountants .


Conjunctions and police process where you get the fund of stolen property or debt for crime arrested for at the time similar to a law suit on arrest Just ask the officers at the scene.for a conjunction for the amount of theft or stolen item . The processes is to ask the police officers at the scene for a conjunction in the case by 3 weeks the money of debt must be paid or it goes in to garnishment . Over the decades the police on the United States Government have been collecting conjunctions at precinct or on the scene of the crime and never carryout proper process and give to complaints pinching or galching later used for other government funding .


Will and estate fraud by the United States Government is being Forensic and money is being sent automatically also . By law with no will and estate in all states funds are equally distributed to the biological children by medical records not Birth certificate which only prove citerzenship in court . If the person has a will and estate the rules of the will must be followed by law only executors on estate can receive funds , property anything left for he or she . Executioners in will and estate are the people who hand the executioner the properties and documented proof of ownership off new assets . They read the will to recipients at funerals or after the date and time of reported death was reported also watch  over to see if the estate has done wrong doing like fraud by family working in Businesses rotation of family who do work in the family business .



Federal Government being siezed , raided and buildings closed indefinitely  by the Royal Commission Government and Allied international force for rooms of cash used to fund the fraudulent Federal Government which never was registered and keeping high officials in the federal system with cash who knew about the rooms of cash withheld from the public confiscated on arrest home , evasions , hidden as a raid for drug money decriminalized never returned other money was citizens legal money illegally held from private bank who legally had different license than federal and the Fed system took their safe out their house in the days before computer and software described as paper bank before the 1960 and several other situations where the Federal system confiscated funds from people illegally with Federal laws that were never signed by God the proper process . To indite someone with the illegally Federal System with fraudulent laws .For decades mena and women of America has been going to the Federal jail system exonerated after decade's . The lease of occupancy has expired decades ago found on Google images . 


Politics laws under now 

divine right of kings, or divine-right theory of kingship, is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving his right to rule directly from the will of God

Government divine right theory

divine right theory holds that the state comes from a god and that rulers are descended from or chosen by a god. The social contract theory says people give power to the state so the state may preserve order and rights

Policies not law, but these policies can lead to new laws.” “Laws are set standards, principles, and procedures that must be followed in society. Law is mainly made for implementing justice in the society

Bipartisan mean is is of, relating to, or involving members of two parties; specifically : marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties

Thing politics and congress took from America you.gain Bipartisan or Saying or Stating I op out of politics before 2022 where I'm United nation politics congress u.s. government and feds are abolished gone forever out the world sealed by the Government General .

  • Budget stability and investment security.

  • Development of sovereign capabilities.

  • Cost savings and reduce inefficiencies.

  • Limits of contestability.

  • Lack of scrutiny and debate.

  • Lack of flexibility.

  • Inconsistency with other policy areas.

  • Committee view

Child support is paid to the child if the mother does not have every penny at 18yrs old or any age while time collecting child support it can be a arrest definite debt collection in family court or criminal court the child must testify I wanted her to have every check she took care of me gave me $100 when I asked for $50 .

Child support is not a court case if you provide enough evidence you support your child with  over $50 a week depending on your tax bracket .If you support or give the child money you can claim no merit in court 'She had kid for 'money Law act of greed' Telling child not to call or go against parent Law Daddy neglect or mother neglect .

The current system fixates on enforcement and ignores involvementThe core of the problem with modern child support laws is that there is too much emphasis on enforcement and not enough focus on getting fathers involved in their children’s lives.The Federal Parent Locator Service uses a national database to track down noncustodial parents to enforce payments. In 2013, $32 billion of child support was collected and that number has been steadily rising over the years.While the government is very efficient with its enforcement of child support laws, it might be more beneficial to address its child custody statutes.The National Parents Organization recently released its Shared Parenting Report Card, which graded every state on its child custody statutes and how well they promote shared parenting following divorce or separation. Nearly across the board, states scored with a cumulative 1.63 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale).There is no shortage of evidence showing that shared parenting helps offset the negative effects of divorce. While it is important for them to receive adequate financial support, it is arguably even more essential to have quality time with both Mom and Dad.Law for court judges curropt This is a list of miscarriage of justice cases. This list includes cases where a convicted individual was later cleared of the crime and either has received an official exoneration, or a consensus exists that the individual was unjustly punished or where a conviction has been quashed and no retrial has taken place, so that the accused is legally assumed innocent. This list is not exhaustive. Crime descriptions with an asterisk indicate that the events were later determined not to be crdissimissicaseFor Charges as high as Robbery or murder any infraction on arrest case dissimised on arraignment held 3hours then taken to precinct ,not read Miranda rights , no  phone call at the precinct Failure to do Totality of the circumstance on a snitch test in formant left anynomous dissimissied case most states, an infraction is not considered a criminal offense and is rarely punishable by incarceration. Instead, such jurisdictions treat infractions as purely civil offenses. Even in jurisdictions that treat infractions as criminal offenses, incarceration is not usually contemplated as a reasonable form of punishment, and in those rare cases where it is, confinement is limited to serving time in a local jail.Like misdemeanors, infractions are often defined in very broad language. For example, Arizona defines them as offenses "without either designation as a felony or a misdemeanor or specification of the classification or the penalty is a petty offense."Common Examples Of InfractionsIt is not uncommon for a person to have been cited for an infraction, which most likely resulted in a fine or some other administrative penalty. Some common infractions include:Minor traffic violations in some states (although serious violations can be charged as misdemeanors and felonies)LitteringBoating violationsFishing without a licenseBuilding permit violationsOperating a business without a proper licenseJaywalkingDrinking in publicWalking an unleashed dogCampsite violationsWhile many states and the federal government still have fairly strict drug laws, there have been efforts to classify certain drug offenses as infractions instead of misdemeanors or felonies. For example, possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana is considered a civil offense in Maryland and is punishable by a fine of up to $100 (but no jail time or other penalties). This type of violation is not included in a person's criminal record in Maryland or other states with similar laws.Eyewitness error is the single greatest cause of wrongful convictions nationwide, playing a role in 72% of convictions overturned through DNA testing.leading factors in wrongful convictions are: Eyewitness misidentification. False confessions. Police and prosecutorial misconductpaper will dutifully analyze the causes that lead to wrongful convictions and amply discuss potential solutions, all of which includes eyewitness misidentification, improper forensics, false confessions, informants, government misconduct, and insufficient lawyeringestimate that between 4-6% of people incarcerated in US prisons are actually innocent. If 5% of individuals are actually innocent, that means 1/20 criminal cases result in a wrongful convictionSelf defence laws 14-51.3. Use of force in defense of person; relief from criminal or civil liability.(a) A person is justified in using force, except deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that the conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another against the other's imminent use of unlawful force. However, a person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat in any place he or she has the lawful right to be if either of the following applies:(1) He or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another.(2) Under the circumstances permitted pursuant to G.S. 14-51.2.(b) A person who uses force as permitted by this section is justified in using such force and is immune from civil or criminal liability for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer or bail bondsman who was lawfully acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer or bail bondsman identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer or bail bondsman in the lawful performance of his or her official duties. (2011-268, s. 1.)Sneak a nation Sneaky nation Thanks for listening to another Royal commission government and Allied Force podcast .

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