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World war 2 was a deprived society. Germany and the surrounding towns had the holocaust that lost 2 . A problem that stemmed from haterd of

Jewish people by jewish people Hitler was JEW wit the warchild family.

I used to get letters from a little girl name “Anne frank” whenever hitlers

phony army in Germany and other parts of the world would have Jews living in Attics in forest, others helpless police in chaos for months while it last. Kodefe , Adof Hitler was an individual who hated Jews and went as far as rounding them up using his phony army. Knocking on doors to kidnap Jewish families force, women forced to concentration camp. Some German citizens would hid Jewish family in Attics for months sneaking food and other accessories to help them survive. Sometimes not checking for weeks during the 2 yrs struggle, with “Hitler” trying to kill every Jew. Men would revolt using “ wishing well” to get them to appear in the concentration camp. It marked the start of the war “Anne frank” who I was hidden for month, talks of in extent of the phony army . During WW2, the letters came fast and Anne wrote God everyday Hitler took armies with him to steal. Anne would ask if anything was too hard for

God. Finding that a year went by and the war continued, US Army who took the mission and did not want to

Ally with other countries and never admitted the mission was too much, to hard for US to end. AutoKator Lloyd assembled "Allied International force" with Chief Commandor Keith . Every country was asked for soldier for a mission to close down concentration camps. Where Hitler made Gas chambers emulating showers.

The US Army had alternative motives in the army and causing world catastrophe was done by preternaturalist who were devious, the US Army would cover up these actions with ingenious mission having honest soldiers killed in, sometimes commandor cooperating with criminal enterprise, feelings they are big officials or celebs who just messed up again” Vietnam war” held the same 10 years as WW2 was a attack with 52

the atomic bomb, now this technology to build this kind of bombs is available but the damage in Japan was finagled and a actual bomb was sent but the damage and causality were too sever and was sent from army base in Hawaii that was attacked hit , an unnecessary attack because the US army was pulled out of the “Dixie Mission” for lieng and not Allying when under attack, bringing causality to many US Soldiers and OBE (outer body experience) was covered up a now Disassembled army . General then Soldier now dishonorable to the Auto' Colin Powell Spoke up about OBE when commanders kept it a secret letting “ Hitler” Expounded Axes(Enemy) force to 20,000 concentration camps. A cover up that cost the Jews 7 million deaths and 1-3 million death of minorities. Some things that US Army never stop doing was covering up secret scientific material and preternatural Attacks without informing the American Society. Hitler was almost given jail time in tribunals military jails Nuremberg not execution after this was not his only but biggest attack on Jews. So a young Yusef ANA Lloyd ANA Kev military Autakrator of WW2 used Blink technology with help from grand son . Blink technology made him appear on the island where he stole the power from and he was shot numerous times and burned in my back yard we made a official grave site in Turks and Caicos salt cay where a lot of military come visit and kick the tomb.

Afghan War

The Arab war was one of greed betrayal in business. The Arab, Afghan communities found in Africa were great businessman Saddam

Hussain and Bin Ladin were partners with the Bush family. From his father investing in oil in their land, the son Elected officials in Florida partners with Osama Bin Ladin in Belmonte the fruit and the juice company we use today. Saddam Hussein a Royal who was seen as temperamental suffered from Inherent ( Legal term : Existing in someone) . But it was proven he had bitch brother who stole his body (Astral Body) Saddam a fare but no nonsense Ruler by Royalty had family who felt they can steal money cause they were disowned for previous times given money and operated in drugs and murder at attempts on Hussein, not trust worthy he kept his distance. . He was a visitor of my Island, his symbol


one man band was humor for young Yusef where I trusted and taught

Hussein the “World Power Source” he was to be trusted like a teddy bear

to the family. But we caught his brother in his body several times . Yusef did get annoyed with his noise on my island but it was all love. Osama Bin Ladin was a master of Decoy. His son was the only good Bin Ladin Activist of the land. The real Osama was power struck, made his own Muslim Islamic traditions Rituals South Alqeda a town and terrorist army, radical going for many towns and cities around the world. His death marked the end of oppressed people of Aquada the surrounding area of his mansion, his town. His Rituals and tradition with a made up religion swindling like it was the same as Muslim or Islamic would arrest in the town of Aquada, if woman will not follow his religion from government and covered their face in 90 degrees weather in a non traditional times 80’90’2000. Jail with court rule of rape if you don’t, till you submit to the religion rules. Drugs were how they funded their operations 1993, attacks may have been him also but his death was a win for society world made. US Army and Bush Jr. went to war with the army with Alternative motives claiming Nuclear war. They investigate Towns and Innocent citizen houses were demolished where common knowledge proves Nucs. Would be found. Army, Police base were never searched or even mention in Mission or Mission briefings. In fact, Contractor were found on the land setting up center lofts, Mcdonalds without Afghans, or Arab permission or knowledge like in Africa after Persian Coca Cola was found everywhere. The Autokrator Kevin served the U.s army as the shoot coordinator for the execution by Navy Seals that killed Osama Bin laden .

U.s. Government corruption

The U.S. Government, an illegally made up government sedated spiraled out of control government after 1955 misappropriation of funding and currency, construing polices, procedures, and processes, intentionally depriving to capitalize on election process rigging (Voting Suppression) where even if the people won the popular or elected vote, the President is predicted by the Electoral college now seen with President Trump. Stigmatizing gangs & gangsters intentionally to keep poverty rate stabilized, also criminalizing homeless, poverty stricken & mental health to capitalize as petty and cheap labor like paying $1.00 per hour in jails, 54

bring their maintained and custodian payroll to a minimum implemented by the same government that's forced by the people to pay $11-15. per hour to honest tax paying businesses well deserved . With a habitual policy of cover up, mislead, construing facts, polices, procedures, process. U.S. Justice system and Police departments lacks training, respect for authoritative figures, royalty, Living Gods, history facts, and revelations like reincarnation etc. With the GDP (ECONOMY BUDGET) still submitting 0.04% for 30 years to the communities of U.S. With a State, Federal bank process that never got deposits and 5 expenses that cost entire GDP plus state and federal payroll weekly, not planing for world tragedy politics in U.S. are balling on a budget. Queen Elizabeth II being excepted in royalty threw marriage and politics adempt deprived and ashamed, disgraced us and society, many esteemed royals like blurred in history by politics R.King George VI the last reigning King of U.S.A till 1952, the processor of America the God (Cigs) appointee of King George VI to the U.S.A by God learning that all monarchs, Kings, Queens, are ordained or appointed by God the creator royalty is heritable.

Justice is a very delicate term to deal with. In today's day and age, justice has taken a very subjective outlook. One person's idea of justice may not match with the idea of justice that the court of law of a certain area has. In such cases, deliverance of justice becomes a farce, with neither party agreeing with the method of execution of the other. This problem is especially relevant in the United States of America. In some major American cities, a very controversial case of policemen abusing their power in order to bully and, in worse cases, to fatally wound innocent personnel has come to light. In such cases, justice has not been served properly, according to spokesmen Kevin of the Royal Commission.

“Our idea of justice has been grossly misinterpreted when it comes to these

court officials and police personnel. For heinous

crimes against innocent people, their idea of justice is to let the officer off with a suspension, at most. This is absolutely derogatory and highly insulting to the family of the victim and to the victim themselves. Our mission at the Royal Commission is to deliver swift and proper justice to the affected person and their families. We conduct investigations into police officers, judges of the court of law, Federal Bureau of Investigation


officials, army officials and even members of the Democrats and

Republicans, regardless of which party is in power at the time,” stated

spokesman Kevin.

“As for our own brand of courts, we have the largest range of claim courts,

which takes cases from all parts of the world. We also have officers who have been trained extensively in all fields and will apprehend the guilty party without any hassle from their end,” concluded the Royal Commission member.

U.S Gov. has operated as a sidated Gov. for centuries, the 2001 911 catastrophe was the evidence of the sedated process of U.S Gov. because U.S did not pick a formatted gov like Aristocracy, Monarch, constitutional Monarch, Republic, self govern .They are perceived to have alternate motives of greed .911 was an attack on the World Trade center, a building made as a trading ground for Wealthy men, Royals, historic figures, business, country, leaders, import, export halted over years, leaving the NYC community in a disenfranchised state. Local authorities investigated and found the Arabic community has been blamed for the attacks stigmatized as Radicalized or terrorist. Opinions were placed in court by dishonorable judge Hagan not being honest about world findings.families


Out right disrespect of Divine Rights avoiding litigation on serious cases on impeachment 63 times since the 17th century. God and religion, man made faith with God the divine king. Congress and politics out right disrespectful of religion or God, facts of history, they construe when sedated US gov. process were made. They mislead history facts as belief or opinion when implementing constitution amendments exact phrase used to show your church, Moss, temple, pastor, religion, priest, Rabbi has no constitution, politics or U.S Gov. show altered motives denying the fact that every citizen count in America. The establishing purpose is to better enable the welfare of a society. The constitution by Congress exact quote is Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise, therefore, the U.S constitution, We the General Assembly, do exert that no man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatsoever, nor shall be enforced, restrained, molested or burthened in his


body or goods, nor shall otherwise suffer, or account of his religious opinions or belief, Truth showing the creator was adempt since the start of congress and illegal assembling of US Gov. who used his currency, notes, mints, etc. to fund their Gov. Blatant disrespect to religious factual figures around before the sedated

US Gov. The Federal System which prescribes chemicals base inorganic medical medicines regulated, Also regulating psychotropic med by a sedated (madeup ) Government, whose intention is to deprive society because of their refusal to educate, reform, inform the tradition of previous authorities implemented in politics.


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