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U.s. Gov. loss another war to Allied Powers Black military 🪖 Royal Commission Government

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

The historic Legendary Vets (never loss a war or soilder in 2000 yrs) Black military 🪖 A Allied International Force over 600,000 troops on payroll, Newly formed Royal Commission Government & Military with over 25,000 on payroll military murderer training Top Brass officials only assembled for Government & Military 🎖curruption , Tuskegee Air Force Kevin Lee Air Force and Air support founded in 16th century .

Celebrities with President Biden Former U.s. gov , former Federal system and politics with Congress Pronouns a illegal war . War to cover up fraud , scams , will & estate fraud .tax payers unclaimed propertys sold by mayors , gov officials illegally etc or talking about reincarnation , King 👑 Jesus Legal Reign in America , U.S. Government with Federal system , politics & congress abolished in America indefinitely documents filed and granted in the United Nations currently .

Every precinct must be closed to end war signed but U.s still in resistance officers must walk off the job to show solidarity . With a alert to a dishonorable law enforcement that under training taken since Jamie O'niel administration where he wasn't granted a license with no certified Chief of Police officer aren't allowed to train in any private shooting ranges in the United States from the start of the administration and Dermot Shea followed his lead . P.o. Swearing to a oath and training guide assembled by Jamie O'niel Mark Miller a former commander of U.S.militas when registered it was called U.S. military. With over 200 precinct finished in Murder trained Military mission military 🎖️ raid combing all U.S.precincts starting with the precinct with most gov. crime , curruption of inside jobs crimes , computer tampering etc and some of the world worst precinct and arrest booking centers . The Recovery mission recovering honest tax payers unclaimed property, unclaimed funds hidden and stolen thru computer tampering files in gov. computer titled distroyed print copy's recovered and re-filed properly by Royal Commission & Allied Powers our International Force . Will and estate fraud for almost 2000 years has been given to wrong the wrong family members intentionally in most cases in all states with no Will the remaining money after debt found in the deases must be exually split to biological children evenly. With a Will and Estate the Executor are the only ones who received money or property any thing the deases dying wishes to leave them . For decades lawyer's like Angelo Coscia have scheme giving Will & estate to wrong family members intentionally. Leading to decades of fraud with U.s. police not being trained properly last 10 years they have been another oberservation in recovery mission in Divas United War with Biden . De Blasio closing Armory used as shelters to sell office space in building and renting property not being attended to vacant propertys stolen never given to deeded stolen entitled Unclaimed property a unknown process not like Unclaimed funds .

Since the start of the Biden administration documents signed by government general that make him president were perjurised submitting it makes it a falseified document . So secret service motor Cade or funding for government is not granted at Inauguration day . President Biden and Vice President Harris has been using illegal ways to fund the country . Welfare , Ebt , snap , cash assistance and Social security administration and cutting down but proritizing old U.S. government offices payroll are transfered to Royal Commission Government to fund the country we're successful since January 2022 .

New police will be in place after precinct combing wearing Royal Commission uniform all American citizens

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles go on a jealous rage that gets them Death Row Execution charges . Stealing trillions of dollars forwarding to debt Beyonce U.s. citizen try to steal a trillionaire wealth to get back at him app frauders gone to big . Worlds richest man by audio interview online . Beyonce the biological mother of Blue Ivy who is Kevin Lee now distant daughter . Beyonce Knowles loss custody since birth because her drug addiction . Jay-Z who u.s. state debt public records is over billions of dollars and criminal rap sheet has numerous rape and molestation convictions . In a jealous rage of Blue Ivy living conditions 40 acre luxury townhouse maid , Butler ,3 play rooms 1 adventure park 1 gocart ring etc in the house .

Jay-Z lied to writers tryed to steal money back after he got it . Now Blue Ivy I'd facing 100 year execution for letting them in the House 🏠.

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