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Updated: May 13, 2020


Monarchy curator Reviews British possibly Dethrone Queen for lack of effort & interested on topic like Poverty or political reform

The British monarchy has been one of the most discussed aspects among the intellectuals. However, it’s a fact that the British monarch, taking both Harry and William in to account, all three might have rubbished about coming across with the king or the god or the ruler of the world. There are many reasons cited behind this. Some people claim this is due to mummy rap, while the others claim this is due to the non-biological processes leading to modification of the face shape in the later parts of 80s and the 90s.

Reason Behind Such Incidents:

Such things with British Monarchy may not be known to many, but indeed true. In fact, a lot is being heard about the majesty of Queen Elizabeth II. However, one can’t just claim that everything is intentional always. There are many things those have occurred in an unintentional fashion as well. The prime reason behind this is due to the sensitive aspects like reincarnation. Point to be noted at present is that it is declining about any further revelations or about the things to be unwrapped or be made apparent; be it about things like ‘Dream Weaver Experiment’ sessions or anything else. There is many such reports surface about Buckingham palace from various sources as well.


The incidents as depicted above have led to take things towards My Ruler/God. To be specific, emphasis has been started being given towards the biological children, family and relatives remaining in poverty affected neighbours. Those who have known about Kevin Lee or have heard story of god America King may relate things. Harsh situations, starting from rape, molestations to the contemporary issues of jobs taking them to the porn and stripper level. All these things hold every possibility of squeezing or disrespect the King family. People who are aware of American King Ruler of Universe aspects would understand it even well. The prime purpose of such dishonouring is to provide them the shape or dismantle the specific mental health states. Specifically, the matter has become a concern post Congress sending a message or statement. The other factor that is equally big as a concern is the current state of government lacking adequate funding for the society.

Major Concerns:

There is no scarcity of concerns for the governments (be it about British or America). Be it about the shutdowns, multiple issues of recessions or the similar occasions, the Queen’s tenure has been going through critical phases. However, things have not really been addressed the way it should have been. It is also being claimed that the backend support provided by Obama is one of the prominent reasons behind this. Not just the top rulers, the administration is also said to be having the backing.

Strange is to see the way the irrelevant issues are being given importance, instead of the actual ones. There should be the lawsuits to prevent illegal financing and other forms of corruption. Things can be addressed well if necessary steps are taken in the right way, at the right time.

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