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President Trump up for Execution like President ford Trump, Deblasio , Renzo Piano steal from poor

President Trump up for Execution like President Ford for Faking a Pandemic which was factually a Rapture

Renzo Piano steal from the Homeless Father Kevin Lee who financed

Foster care in the United States lied and said money went back out his on Low- income housing after court proven Renzo Piano Workshop still has 2 billion from the same account Government fund a retractable account by the Royals Kevin Lee Foster care was financed and improved with years ago and investigating Renzo Piano lied and left thousand of Homeless on the street profiting of rentals and sales built and paid for for the homeless the Low-income now sold as Luxury as seen on 23rd and 6th avenue in Manhattan homeless put on the street in days because of Renzo greed the acts of greed by criminal Renzo Piano stole his starting investment with girl friend Patti LaBelle . After several hundred investment went back in the last month on company as big as McDonald's , Microsoft ,Renzo Piano , Cavier ,Uber , tech company's etc seem in the News for stealing thier starting investment .After a Reward letter was established in criminal court for 8 months now proven Kevin Lee is Lloyd been and Yusef Black Royal rich as seen on as the world's Rich's man . Several business have cooperated in a scheme claiming large business have no owner , reincarnation isn't true heresay with sealed court case , medical test and case study filed in court . August 20th 2020 former family and thief's of Kevin Lee went to court in scheme trying to stop garments overturn sealed cases by 1pm all cases were overturned and sealed again proven Kevin Lee is Lloyd Been the 100%owner of these companies . Because of the gross of the Lawsuit some paying garnishment 10 times more by law after 5 years judgements were mailed .

Even the United States federal government Adempt the Royal military recently serving the United States since the United States Army and military is dissembled meaning the end by the Autokrator and the Kurbs military.

The Black Royal Military Allied International Force is the commanding force over the Abolishment of United States Government and the Federal system ceased and raided by Royal Army with Commander King William and the Autokrator Lee Allied International Force . With help from surrounding military signed in the United Nations Abolishment documents granted for the plowing of all building in Washington d.c. . Because Congress and politics always missaproiate the budget to repair Congress & Washington building for centurys illegal phrase going back cause years of Lien by inspections , environmentalist and appraisal . Lead to curosian like bed bugs in the wall in some cases . Washington shut down Lieing about Corona being a virus when a Rapture was started illegally by the NYC medical examiner Albina . Virus cures takes weeks to develop a antidote for 50 pharmaceuticals have failed in vaccines proven Coroner was a lie by the government who enconviece the American people for months .

Allied International Force

Royal Commission Squadron


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