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New Plans for Justice Dept. Of America by Allied Powers update to historic Films


New Venture for Justice Erupts Onto the Scene of America


Royal Commission spokesman Kevin talks about the idea behind their operations.

PR Body:

(January 28, 2018) – Justice is a very delicate term to deal with. In today’s day and age, justice has

taken a very subjective outlook. One person’s idea of justice may not match with the idea of justice

that the court of law of a certain area has. In such cases, deliverance of justice becomes a farce, with

neither party agreeing with the method of execution of the other.

This problem is especially relevant in the United States of America. In some major American cities, a

very controversial case of policemen abusing their power in order to bully and, in worse cases, to

fatally wound innocent personnel has come to light. In such cases, justice has not been served

properly, according to spokesmen Kevin of the Royal Commission.

“Our idea of justice has been grossly misinterpreted when it comes to these court officials and police

personnel. For heinous crimes against innocent people, their idea of justice is to let the officers off

with a suspension, at the most. This is absolutely derogatory and highly insulting to the family of the

victim and to the victim themselves.

Our mission at the Royal Commission is to deliver swift and proper justice to the affected person and

their families. We conduct investigations into police officers, judges of the court of law, Federal

Bureau of Investigation officials, army officials and even members of the Democrats and Republicans,

regardless of which party is in power at the time”, stated spokesman Kevin.

“As for our own brand of courts, we have the largest range of claim courts, which takes cases from all

parts of the world. We also have officers who have been trained extensively in all fields and will

apprehend the guilty party without any hassle from their end”, concluded the Royal Commission


About Royal Commission:

Royal Commission is an outlet of justice deliverance for the innocents and wrongly accused people of

the world, with a large range of claim courts all around the United States of America. It also invests

heavily in the hip hop culture.

For more information, visit

Media Content:

Royal Commission

Spokesmen Kevin

Phone no: 929-243-159



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