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New Government Retirement plan 10 years working you Qualify to Retire same day you check with human

New Government Retirement plan 10 years working you Qualify to Retire same day you check with human resources .

Retire early not early retirement .

Retire Automatically today Retirement from the United States government now with the New retirement plan the Royal Commission Government has and your time on the United States Government counts 10 years consecutive or 12 years with 3 years or more not active at work call you local Government Human resources office for details today .

The U.S government is abolish retire young no more 25 years active or work till age 65 with the new government transfered already the Royal Commission Government all you need is 10 years active concurrent at any job to a government position or government to government qualify for retirement just call or talk to your human resources department with the Royal Commission Government retirement Your retirement can start to day some retire as.young as 26 yrs old starting at 16 years old . Working Time is transferred from the work you did with the U.S. Government to Royal Commission Government retirement so you don't need 10 years with the new government all time with the U.S. Government and former private sector job counts .

Government employees can retire now instantly...

All U.S. government employees who have 10 years of service with new old U.S. government you can file for retirement in seconds you get a response and walkoff the job that day with lump sum check and Bi weekly or monthly check which ever you choose retirement benefits for life .

Different than early retirement if your 26years old and retire cause you started working at 16 years you still qualify and with the new government retirement you can work the same or another job and collect 2 or more salary retirement check and new job keep the lump sum and no decrease to any retirement plan payment for second job . With just 10 years active you leave the day you talk to Human resources with minimum $15,000 lump sum and $4,000 bi weekly retirement check for life .

Pension & Retirement Laws

Only way your retirement rights are waived and will follow you to every job you will ever have .

Under 7 minor Human resources write ups or submitted in righting complaints qualify

1 criminal arrest or Civil case conviction job related .

All government offices qualify U.S. postal service , Ebt welfare offices , human resources , Social security administration offices , MTA ,

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Human Resources

Position , Name , Phone

Chief Human Capital Officer

Tyshawn Thomas 202-606-2646

Senior Advisor and Chief Negotiator

Janet Smith 202-606-0246

OPM Human Resources Operations

Jessica M. Parton 202-606-8318

Employee and Labor Relations

Anne E. Mortensen 202-606-0855

Chief Learning Officer

Yadira Guerrero 202-606-7954

Executive Resources and Stategy

Carmen Garcia 202-606-1048

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