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Book Description "Reincarnegro is the true story of a living god. King Yusef in American society today. Assigned to America during the US gov made up process obliged to young king ruling rights. Intentionally disrespect to royals , historic figures, and other nobles. Politics, congress, fed system and US gov have purposely mislead deprived society on facts like royals and history dating back to the 17th century. Misappropriating currency, notes, Mints, and funding to hide illegal and political system. This book gives insight on secret societies who ardent royals and society, breakdown on the effect and symptoms of top illegal drugs. Ignored preternatural ways babies were born all over the world. The Queen EII self-proclaimed status and attempt to unsociable society, the progression of Hip Hop and effect on society, the dream weaver experiment. This book marks the end of politics in society dissolution's and abolished transferring the "Community Election Process," community voting for community change, as the newly formed royal government. "God is the kin and we can all wear a crown" ~Styles P~

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