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Mental Health

Mental health and hygiene Dept became a national and international institution around the 1950’s, with the white restraint jackets it could

bebecause of the US Gov. and Queens of England feigned ignorance and intentional lying about facts of human development like Astral bodies being a reality, outer body expenses being fact because this Govt or self proclaimed Queens using this Human development to ingeniously or play people crazy to hide drug addiction, sexual habits or power strict or clout chasing methods to stay on top or in power with drug addiction. Sex addictions leading to preternatural rape. Me, sons, family affected personally with children born hiding sex addiction and social impairness not wanting to talk ro people they love to dwell in conventional normal internet relationships.

Using supernatural Power, Manipulated to do Prete life tactics like having sex with a absent soul put to sleep and given an erection implemented while sleeping to give the illusion you had a dream of some one run out the room after ejaculation found in preternatural books, the only facts or proof is siderate genitals like the smell of a vengeng crack head who did not shower for days some just thought they had wet dreams cum or semen all over underwear, other factual seen their mothers or others leaving their room or caught in sexual activity or getting dressed pulling up clothes in suspicions. Only proven by DNA test or resembles in facial features growing up around cousin who are sister, brother, or uncles.

Inpatient Mental health were Established in 1980’s in US Gov intentionally to hide, deny, steal from birth defected lids of secret society members and prote lfe or preternatural being indulged in drug activity during pregnancy, tempering with secret scientific material to change body or organs with no medical knowledge or understanding of actions.

Internet is a 400 year law describing “ Existing in someone” shown, this is ancient now still relevant in society not cool or excepted so dealt under the table or secretive while they call organization who can't open to explain their existence, reason for starting or funding methods openly secret society a 10 hundred year existence starting with gens, Masons whose organization were formed for Masonry but bad chapters similar to departments were secrets society. Celebs ashamed of biological children who were proven and hide their children in Phych wards under narcissistic terms, the only legal way to claim someone is handicap mentally and can't handle their own financial in some cases are Jay-Z, P Diddy, Halle Maria Berry, Kimonia Lec Simmons, Beyona Knowle,s tenq Knowles, these cases in disbelief till evidence of DNA and resembles plus cover up tactics to prove the biological status of children. Now mental health is abused by the common mother or father Collins their regular or favorite cop in the precinct with excuses or 1years to hold children they never train or instill morals or independence sent away for the weekend or months not wanting to deal with a problem they created.

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