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Chapeter 8 IN BOOK


LGBTQ Community

Community No one knows how far Homosexuality goes back to, being a Historic figure around for Century I've met and seen open and closed sexuality being open minded and approachable because of the neglect by some LgBTq immediate family. Most think 50’s or 80’s brought about homosexuality but proof after I am gangster (considered) sons seen OBE induce this community. My joke is Aristotal the Artist and painter was a Homo from his view of art, expressing sexuality through his painting showed men on men, anal position not in the mindset of a straight man and being historic figure, we knew a lot of them, it was a secretive life, caves underworlds to hide their secrets, letting go of crimes punishable by Death by warriors, even I was taken as Homophobic , immediate family who help you build your underworld made you gay. From boyfriends who they honestly didn’t know where homos leaving you around to be molested to mothers who sent them secretly to you cause you showed rough nature at 5 yrs. They know from their life habitually if you molest and introduce someone to a sexual pattern at 5 yrs old to 10 yrs old or 14 yrs old to 20 yrs, creates a pattern that socially impaires the kid, they missed the first kiss with a girl, they never had the challenge of breaking a virginity to see when girls get to 40 years old playing hard to get to see if your men gonna stick around their response is a male figure lover even trying at 10 yrs old cause she call me soft or crazy again. Dealing with Men or even women exposing you to intimacy at a vulnerable age too early on purpose. Socially impairs a kid. OBE outer body expression & body closet in 1952 era broke into where people left their body having sex in opposite sex body conflicted Jeans. In the 50’s the Queen EII did anything when getting to king George & king George, the father secret closets books her and friends who was told by king George in proclamation she's not to be trusted. He had men and women with sexual addiction. They used the internet ( law for existing in some one) have sex in wife as man body not scientifically done, men's soul in the female body then get pregnant giving birth to a hormone disbalance or gene conflict or


both. They did not do math or science they were men hiding, they were men and women who would induce hormones, killing the expression I even forgot “you can be born gay” Gay Marriage Being Implement in US and Legalized was a rush job and a kiss ass move from the administration who implanted it, for decades, presidents have not implemented it for several reasons, the man raising a child in that house hold settings, first same sex can't give nature birth so you are creating a broken family situation taking a kid from a nature family setting to yours is not always positive, most are adopting which is positive or being out of Gov. Foster care system. I commend and applause you. but how the child is raise is the question. Do you want the child to grow up like you a gay parent? which may seen cool because you are successful but you know the struggle of being a gay teen and did you give that child a shot at a normal life or family the original format you grew up in. As a parent this is not your decision its your obligation as a man or women, your going to beat yourself for a child living with you since yrs old who hated play dates with same sex then got older and found out he was all man. The Administration that implemented it never cared about family, BBQ are slim, now family vacations are dead, Thanksgiving is not the same if not just LgbTQ community its society as a whole. But LgOLa has also help the inducement from secret ways to make the self more feminine from sprays to injections to be more flamboyant. But respected more than the phrase used by LgQtQ to describe these seeming coming here from jail low “ Brat hats” a section gangsters know from the jail around us, they front but at gay night in the club or nigga I found your 9800d collection you got the vynl collector 104. In decades past pretermaturals have tried tempering with secret scientific material to induce homosexual community from spray that like a mist in the air when a male comes on to you it makes you horny enough to give sexual relationship with the same sex. From inherent fre burning sexual sensation induced during vulnerable times in relationships or horny or backup vulnerability. The Lgbt prete community has gone as for as making the injection to induce feminality in male creating the males who don’t act feminine it seems normal or implemented in a male body. In pronouns even God Kev Yuref has went through 1 week 5 days factual 3 days of turned sens gay on his supernation power source a week when almost every straight man was given these thoughts. The


week when mothers who self molest homosexuality onsons who were rough since yours so weather she sent her gay knowingly homo husband in the room learning if you attack him and inplest him since 5 yrs old he has a better chance not turning out like his biological father in prison or street nature a stand up man. Most knowing intentionally sending in rooms to rape and molest kids from 3 or 5 to start a pattern that creates a social impairness missing them stages talk about triggering a relapse of male on male or female on female when going through vulnerable stages or horny days that they relapse.

This week that kevin was gay or seems cause he never kiss a man or no anal was applied to his daughters, Royal stole his body to cover up oral pleasure to make him subside with 3 days whom the last 2 were just reading around defending gays being kicked out of homes by parent who self inflict this on children and was sent out the house acting embarrassed or ashamed or neglect of facts they created with homosexual partners who they knew personally never pleased them sexually and had shady past. Some mothers did not know of even Priest with these secret lifes in the Christians and Clothive church, not most know the sighs, the mistakes, mishaps in previous actions they let go for comfortable living marriage.Other situations called lust or love not in love but put up with for dignitary clergy clout chasing positions.

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