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Tech ERA PC VS Mac: Internet : Tips with All Technology ERA

Technology era exploded around the 1970s, transmitted signals were around since telephone, radio (AM FM), walkie-talkie. The signal book Kev developed with his supernatural power source allowed growth in the 80’s perfecting the typewriter, buying into the keyboard pattern. The reason for tech era the typewriter style keyboard to produce document and it will be made in seconds, the archive, bank records conduciveness, birth documents not found for weeks if flood, thieves or just lazy employee never properly look in government offices before the 1970's. Bill Gates was one youth in his young days who took a partner agreement with a company he developed which you now know as Microsoft. The development of operating system and other specs and genius tech were updated but 19 years old Gates as one developer who had helped from peers who helped him make what he claimed to have invented. Classmates were parallel genius tech in developing these Microsoft computing. Before MACintosh, Partners were silently invested in by Kevin because of the sneaky nature Bill Gates like to operate with his creator, owner, investor Kev making launching company like Dell, Macintosh, HP were the beginning of a new era of computing. Dell and HP owners were developers who helped Gates among other class mates. School mates developed specs like you see now Apps, software, emails, text messaging, printing and accessories like mouse, printer. Techies developed mobile software, we brought into as default programs you see now.

Neutralized internet Current State 2010-2020

Since 2009 regulator are seemly “galching”. Neutralizing state is only because with you being able to reach 9 billion people with proper promotion. A 51 page quality book with $2000 budget can gross 50 million plus. After finding these actions visible, Federal and CDA “neutralized” illegally to galch internet users. Being able to open up a website with a website builder, free account like, selling Louis Vutton and Bur ken Bags and telling your neighborhood by word of mouth, flyers, and business and comp card give out in a 500 budget. To 59

start use Burken bag sale pay for all your budget. Neutralizing will kill or try to kill that profit margin.

The futuristic age going to the next in this millennial age, the thought process of the youth has innovatively grown with smartphones and smart TV. PC, computer, touch screen technology, advanced and semioptinimo accepted and gaining interest. Where the generation is going next. Blink technology 90% developed only legally used by Di-onqu and royal commission executive generation next opposed a question, did Congress queen EII illusioned society with Barak H. Obama to forget about law suits with merit declaration in Manhattan civil and fed court. Intentionally infecting citizens, believers not to remember an Adempt royal disappear and appear to court, infected from memory loss. 9 billin criminal courts with big gov and politics plan for elders is to recruit untill you die. With Kev 100 years old, looking 34 years old, his historic figure could send all grandmas and grandpas to 21 years old. It may take time cleaning up the society first but this is not an option. Books must be read fully by me or family, to guarantee best results. If I have been 2, four times in 1900 century illegally, we can be sure centers will be opened in years to come. Most people don’t believe in supernatural power, the ability to appear and disappear, the ability to tranquilize grandma’s seemingly describes as magic. But these things are fact of life. Even decades back, I had families come to me crying because they wanted to see a decreased family member, after a test run of resurrection on my Island of salt clay. The power source works and needs to be protected for resurrection but after “poverty has end” mission. Our plan is to make enough houses or make sure enough housing in America & the world to fit everyone's graveyard. Funerals are a dead business but land is valuable for graveyards. If you didn’t like someone and cried at their funeral, don’t think that they are coming to see you alive. Or if grandma spanked you as a kid or held money, she might vouch for tranquilizing to 21 years not to 3 years old. She got 17 years to see her special BOO, she never spent money in public. Your pops lived a good life, drug free 7 years to smoke weed. This is the future and the future is bright.

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