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INKAS Group of Companies[4] is a privately held Canadian company specializing in security, manufacturing & development services. Founded in 1995[3] in Toronto, Canada, INKAS offered armed messenger services[5] to local merchants and later expanded its service portfolio to include cash management and security solutions.[buzzword] INKAS has business divisions that include armored vehicle and safe manufacturing, metal fabrication, software development, financial and environmental protection services. In 2015, INKAS opened the first armored vehicle showroom in Canada[6] and has expanded to Lagos, Nigeria[7] and Sderot, Israel.[8]

INKAS Security Services Ltd.[9][10] established in 1993 is a cash management company offering a full cycle of security services to government entities as well as businesses, merchants and financial institutions. Services include the secured transportation of cash and its equivalents, coin processing, ATM services, armed security and vault storage. Within the realm of cash management services in Canada, INKAS is known for its skilled workforce and technical expertise.[citation needed] The company operates a fleet of armored vehicles that are manufactured and customized on the premises. Each vehicle is equipped with 360° armored protection. INKAS deploys a fleet of unmarked armored Mercedes Sprinters. In 2014 INKAS expanded their presence to Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario.[11]

Armored vehicle manufacturing[edit]

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is a division of INKAS Group of Companies,[12] which specializes in the design and production of a wide range of armored vehicles, including executive SUVs, luxury sedans, special purpose vehicles, personnel carriers, cash-in-transit vehicles, and others. Since its inception in 1996, INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing[13] has been providing armored vehicles for financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, government officials and corporate clients. NKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing operates from facilities located in Toronto, Canada, and Lagos, Nigeria. In 2015, INKAS opened an armored vehicle showroom in Canada[14] and later expanded overseas to Lagos, Nigeria and Sderot, Israel.

Payment corporation[edit]

INKAS Payments Corp.[15] is a subsidiary of INKAS Group of Companies formed in 1993. INKAS Payments Corp. emerged as a provider of merchant services. Today, INKAS Payments Corp. has thousands of merchants within its portfolio ranging from St. Johns, Newfoundland to Vancouver, British Columbia. By following the internal CISS mandate (Creativity, Innovation, Stability and Support), INKAS develops custom solutions[buzzword] for the clients that require a tailored approach. INKAS Payment Corp. is a Registered MSP/ISO of the Canadian branch of U.S. Bank National Association and Elavon.

INKASTRANS Canada Ltd.[edit]

The INKAS group of companies established INKASTRANS Canada Inc.[16] to broaden the company’s presence in the field of environmental protection. Today, INKASTRANS Canada Inc., along with its West-African partner INKAS Environmental Protection Ltd.[17] possesses an extensive range of equipment, materials, and specializes in tackling oil spill emergencies[18] of all capacities on land and sea all over the globe.[19]

Safe manufacturing[edit]

Established in 1999, INKAS Safe Manufacturing[20] is a Canadian owned and operated company located in Toronto, Canada. INKAS manufactures and distributes a large variety of safes and other security products for retailers, government agencies, financial institutions, jewelry stores, pharmaceutical chains and corporate clients. INKAS offers a large variety of safes including custom luxury safes,[21] explosive resistant safes, UL rated safes, burglary safes, fire-proof safes, B-rated safes, cash depositories, and hotel safes. INKAS distributes its safes through a network of locksmiths, safe technicians, dealers and distributors located across North America. INKAS also provides services such as safe installation, safe relocation, safe opening, safe lock and combination changes, complete safe modifications, repairs and general maintenance.

Founded in 1999, INKAS Safe Manufacturing builds safes for retailers, government agencies, financial institutions, jewellery stores, pharmaceutical chains and home owners. INKAS Safe Manufacturing also distributes other products including cash depositories, fireproof filing cabinets, and dials and locks. INKAS Safe Manufacturing markets these safes across North America.[22]

Environment protection services[edit]

INKASTRANS Environment Protection Services supplies standard equipment and services to maintain and clean worldwide oil spills. INKASTRANS Environment Protection Services current line-up includes a range of Containment Booms, Recovery Systems, Dispersant Spray Systems, Specified Vehicles and Boats, Equipment Packages, Oil Spill Kits, Machinery for Contaminated Soils Treatment, Personal Protective Equipment, and a range of proprietary Polymer and Natural Sorbent Products.

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