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Chapter 2 Hip hop Cultivator and progression

Current Bio on Hip hop rap culture Since 1984, this historICfigure has cultured hip hop being that hip hop started in the same time as crack rock by enemy family's trying to claim owner of companies having books to get to the owner spot since universal music group then universal records studio yusef started a new venture hip hop with years of rap music seen working out with the first artist on this def jam “TLa rock”who was more


signed for processing work like getting new artist was his role rap which started out in the Bronx community where DJs spinned instruments some self produced some sample base then called up artist mainly called MC’s to rhyme over the instruments . Kool here was a forefather pioneer who seen talent and structure the business presented to the man in turks caicos who would invest in rap music commercializing every type of music Lloyd then named yusef would take art forms then up in universal records studios and make multi million dollar profit with just one project Def jam started with small biz creators Rich Rubin and Russel in their NYU Dorm room who pressed up Vinyl from Dorm and hit the street with artist promo Demo Etc. Their first commercial success was LL cool J they brought to the small island of Turks and Caicos when rap grew from the BX community to queen NY out to Brooklyn then through

US now world wide. Bronx natives brought Rick Rubin Ll cool to meet the historic figure Lloyd then Yusef meet the 3 men Russel, Rick and Uncle Todd LL, with Kool Herc and others in presents Rick Rubin was a producer who could hearty believed in Rap music longevity in the music Industry.

Russel Simmons in it for financial gain and culture expanded sold his stake percentage to young Kevin and Rubin became 50/50 partners in Def jam recordings agreement now in court Rubin lost his percentage for leiing to bring Russell Simmons back to the Def JAM table . The development stages was easy because rap mainly with gangster, Rap a more volger but accepted genre was not formed but emerging. Rick Rubin and Yusef had an idea to bring Rap to mainstream by getting needed investments from Ceo of major labels of Rock, Pop etc just to let them know a new art form was coming, emerging “Rap music “ Yusef's idea was to go to other business he owned and Rubin peers and people who inspired or Rubin look up to in music industry and present a business plan for rap music to seek investments just to create the get down or lay down attitude for emerging Art form. Rubin took numerous meeting and received several investments, and also criticism from CEO’s, label, owners, peers like mercury, CBS records gave 200 million to the start of the first primarily Rap Record labels now started as Def Jam Recordings bring artist like LL cool J, Beastie boys, Run DMC etc to mainstream and tours world wide



Hip hop is born from Rap music, Hip Hop is the culture now an art form creating its sound in mainstream media and society like Rap has grown to a culture and still an Art form. But Hip Hop culture was birth making our own identity in Music Industry and society. Having our own clothing line like Karl Kane and Fubu by Damon John to We wear by Wu tang Clan to Ruff Ryders clothing in 90’s to Rocawear still thriving from primary founders Dame Dash and Bigz B. The identity grew to Movie Hip Hop culture same time with director like John singleton creating movies, and movies carried out by Hype Williams with “Belly” expanded in 2000. Honor Up not disrespecting pioneer directors, producers of documentary on Hip Hop genres of music forms never thought of to ever merge with the Hip Hop sound accepted by Church. The Economy effect has been a growth progress that even “Na Sayers” like Oprah winfrey can’t stop million and billion dollar companies like Roc Nation, Potato chips brand book like multi millionaire dollars selling Hip Hop book “Hip Hop the last Religion,” inspiring Lloyd Yusef to open Universal Brand from the beginning Ms Ella

Aretha Freklin John Singletor Rest-ing –G’s R.I.P Acting modeling comedy


1a)Networking: with or for modeling scouts, agents, fashion lines or designers, work, casting agents, indie and major directors or producers at events mainly. 1b)Free, Unpaid, internship, stipend work: Gaining experience while also working contracts for future work, business affiliates, building portfolio,(Acting to start) extra and background work,Open Auditions

1c)Social Media: Build up your social media following and views organically. Buying followers is fraud and deceiving. casting, directors, booking,agents, promoters. you buy $100 million friends or followers promoters may book or cast you thinking you can generate thousand in tickets sales


NOTE TO ACTORS, MODELS: Acting and modeling Jobs only and official way to apply is auditioning doing 2-3 auditioning a week can grant you movie parts, starting with extra or background work that will teach you how movies are made to bring your own visions to movie. Everyone starts from the bottom and work their way up, 3 minutes one line roles get you seen by major producers, directors and casting agency. They do have casting agencies for new or established actors for constant work. Agents send you on audition periodically for work. Auditioning is necessary and a process of let downs till you land your part because they are looking for specifics like, age, talent, race, delivery, tartness in no specific order, thats why constant auditioning is necessary not counting the line you were in waiting for the audition. How much great talent they seen today before they may also have a big enough budget for a star or celebrity but choose you cause of your acting ability and tartness and humble spirit on set "not to Diva baby" it's a list on the end of every movie that sometimes show hundreds sometimes thousands of people who work on this movie in the credits. So the diva at the audition shows how you could be on set when it's millions of dollars wasted by the hour cause you took too long in your trailer or not prepared or remembering your script. Pick auditions that you compare to or really want to do cause if you land the part, you can waste both your time and Production time if you cancel last minute because it's not what you really wanted to do. Reading auditions in publications is not hard, open audition means anyone can audition for the part as long as you fit the age, training, and you feel comfortable with the part. Nudity or sex scenes is a natural part of reality to a film as long as it's tastefully done. As long as you are not giving a real blow job in the movie it's acting not porn. Kissing scenes show maturity as an actor, how well you can pull it off. After landing a one liner row then you move up to supporting character after supporting, you can be a leading actor or actress. Not having to follow the ranks but you learn how to carry a movie, no dry acting with dead air, blocking (movement on set) stiff, ranks, while teaching you everything hands on. Comedic acting is a bigger pay day than just standup comedy. There are schools, classes, courses to teach stand up routine's tactics like what a joke set up is or punch lines are. Stand up & improve well rounds on grounds you as a comedic actor not necessary but a good stretch to help ad-libs (improv) with original jokes


on movie sets. Most comedic actors come from stand up but not all. Anthony Anderson from blackish is an esteemed comedic actor who doesn't not do stand up but made a powerful career as a actor without heavy stand up background .



Press releases

- Urban Music News Network 4/17/19 7:06 PM pressing charges when she refused to get tested. They also lied over the phone about being the children of Lloyd Been and Irene Been-Leggett my housekeeper. I stopped using the name in 1954 all of them was born two years after 1954 and they never met him. They all took cheque books, cosmetology books so they could work my cosmetology device from home. Personally, I think Gerdes Lee cooperated with the whole operation to hide the lie she told about Lloyd been being her father and having children. She also lied about what she did with all my intellectual property and deed to houses, publishing business earnings and printing cheques. They tricked me by telling me they will return the books when I get older. Some made excuses that I was too young to have my own property. This criminal enterprise has been misleading family and friends about everything, from who my real parent are to who their real parents are and also misleading judicial and other officials to get to my businesses and other assets and bank accounts. They also told judicial officials what my inherent and secret scientific material is. They have all been working together to steal, loot, embezzle my accounts and property, they falsified documents and have false power of attorney. They are using fake names to buy several properties in Manhattan and Seattle. They claim Lloyd Been died but cannot present a death record or tombstone because they don't know Lloyd Been. They only heard stories from islanders of Salt Cay along what they got from books they stole. I am the proven King of Windsor, Turks & Caicos and America given to me by biological father King George VI in an inheritance. I am also the first man reincarnated. You can test me. I


have been tested before. The people on this list have destroyed and hidden my documents and all government documents to prove this. I've had to put out fire that Gerdes set to my books that they have stolen from my houses. They sometimes brought crowds of people to distract from what they are doing. This happened when my son died. I never received my inheritance from Gorge Been.

Co-Writer Kevin “Cigs” Lee Plans To File A Law Suit On 50 Cent For Depriving "Get Rich or Die Tryin" Summary: 50 Cent Suit published the Debut Studio Album called “Get Rich or Die Tryin”. It was a great hit. But, the co- writer of the album Kevin “Cigs” Lee was not rewarded with the right share. So, he is planning to file a lawsuit in this regard.

PR Body: (June 03, 2018) – The co-author of the album “Get Rich or Die Tryin” has planned to sue 50 Cent again for falsifying documents, swindling and for depriving him of the real share among other charges. On this 15th anniversary year of 50 Cent, he has planned to claim the share he actually deserves. The coauthor Kevin “Cigs” Lee has already filled a suit claiming 7 million from 50 cent g unit. He has all the pure proof and video. The suit was already filed upon which 50 Cent is ready to pay 5 million seeing the defendant as the co-writer and co- owner. But, the co- writer states “I legally acquire 50% of all sales or royalties on this project, which grossed 14 million and counting”. If 50 Cent is not ready to settle this amount, the co-author is ready to view other options like going to the press, filling criminal charges and even trial if needed. A case was already filed by the co-author against Curtis Jackson, who is popularly called 50 Cent.

In fact, Curtis met Lee on the streets of Brooklyn through a mutual friend. The author agreed that he will write for Curtis, who also agreed to pay a million dollar. As the co-author was just 17 then, he was not aware of his value and accepted. He gave his writings to Curtis, but he never turned back. He never met Lee again.

Def Jam/Rocafella Records Owner Takes A Job As President And CEO Presenting New Documentary Summary: The Rocafella Records Owner, Def Jam takes a job as the president and also the CEO and presents a New Documentary named “More Than Music”. PR Body: (March 10, 2018) –


The owner of Rocafella Records Def Jam takes a position as the president and also the CEO, thereby presenting the

New Documentary “More Than Music. This documentary is meant for

explaining the beef between Jays Old Rocafella and Camerons Dipset. This documentary explains that this is an industry, where some of the favorite artists are in career or job. The creators also explain how some of the moves made by hip-hop artist are money driven more than being the best of the culture.

The first episode of this documentary starts with DJ Kay Slay and also the artist Papoose. The documentary features the first major interview with DJ Jazzy Joyce, who breaks down some realities about the music industry. Then, the creators of the documentary meet up with Lord Tariq Maino GQ Beats and also the documentary stars Memphis Bleek Rocnation/Warehouse Records, who clarifies beef now in rap.

He also clarifies why there was a split between him and Cameron’s Dipset

years back.

The documentary was created, camera operated and directed and edited by the first man, who reawakened hip hop cultivator and owner with 50% stake in Def Jam and obtaining Rocafella Records from Jayz. Music enthusiasts can read more in the book Hip Hop The Last Religion on Amazon Now. About More Than Music: More Than Music has a major distribution and the team is coming to streaming networks this summer. Music enthusiasts can download the same from their site.

The End

The society as a whole black, white, American or Haitian. Man, woman,

boys, students, heterosexual were all created equally in Gods Eye’s so hearts or divas 28’s can't fit. Love no bitch, trust no women, got a lil men in it to get you a lady of class dignity respect for herself. Then she can respect you. A women is a trendsetter who’s informed, not a follower needing a trick. Remember tricks is for kids you trick lover. And kids follow my lead mean learn from my good and do better watching mom & pop mistake can't judge even justices condemn not judge, remember only God can judge me and who the fuck is “ Cig” Kev, LLoyD, they are all full of ish. But sell me no dreams tell me no lies if you don’t know say I


don’t know. If you can inform a generation from GenY-80’s baby- Millenials Teach one reach one don’t hold info for ransom cause you want to learn from someone seemingly smarter or more experience than you. Even though it didn’t look like after the swearing in of a certain president but remember children are the future and the future is bright work work work work work Drull while RIRI Work Twork...Twork TWORK tWERK

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