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Allied international force and Royal Commission Government replace United States Government

Welcome , We salute you from The black Military & Allied International Force , Royal Commission Squadron , Royal Commission Government, Father Lee Foundation . Allied Is a International Force With Supreme Commander Autokrator with degrees in Cosmotology ,Chief Justice , Sussera A1 & A1 Advance marksman sharpshooter Executioner Chief of Police , & Government General Kevin "Cigs' Lee a.n.a Lloyd Been ,and Commander in Allied International force completing mission now Global Revamp with the world being paved with astro turf and Luxury Business Modern & Sophisticated housing no less free and placed free on abandoned land , mountain beeing flatten for more space . Luxury , Business , Sophisticated , Train station system all over the world even the west Indies has Trans Alantic the West Indian Railways Lloyd Been Station , Free boiler system with the most advance technology in the world Sewer system free replacement in every country also Fighting the War on Apartheid and Geniside world wide now by force to place housing in Third World Country's.paid for by the Royal Commission Government .

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Allied International Force is a registered International force and military assembled by the Chief Autokrator Kevin "Cigs" Lee proven by law and Medical science to be Jesus Christ and Lloyd been. A Autokrator is training and a ancient commander who's commanding role and rank is to rule in military or International force . With missions complete like The Persion War Ww1, Vietnam war / WW2 execution of hitler , FREEING Nelson Mandela from asylum making Asylums illegal in the world ,the execution of OSAMA BIN LADEN . South Korea Kim Jung-Un missiles project vanishing on launch day .U.s. DRONE strike killing bagdad Iranaian Qasem Soleimani execution of militas. Preternatural mission clearing underground underworlds , Dungeons and Mason holes world wide bringing thousand of years of artifacts , art , golden challis back land freeing souls and spirits & people from these under worlds. With many military assembled Allied international force is the biggest military in the world with Ally power like Commander King William of the Royal Army , Boyscouts, Junior Scouts ,Men Scouts , Original Calvry ,Royal Commission Gov With help from sons and historic figures warriors like Loki ,Blink TECHNOLOGY , iQ SECURITY FORCE , MEDUSUS , LA SECURITY FORCE ,D1 GANGSTERS ,MURDERVILLE , OUT THE GATE INC . ,INSIDE OUT , ROYAL COMMISSION SQUADRON , KILL ALL RATS , GANG LAND BY POOKIE STREET INFORCEMENT , COMMUNITY EXECUTIONERS , ROYAL COMMISSION JAMAICAN MILITARY SQUADRON, CALVRY SQUADRON , FIRST CALVRY , ALLIED GIRL POWER FLEET SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL LISTED VETS FOR THIER SERVICE TO THIER COUNTRY .

United States transferred to the Royal Commission Government world Gov. form updates . Royal Commission Government is a registered world Government . Which welfare ,snap , ebt , ssi and all government payroll is now funded with The Royal Commission Government a world government plus former City , State workers world wide are now paid by the Royal Commission Government . Replacement of the abolished indefinitely United States government , Federal systems, Politics & Congress. Royal Commission Government is registered as a Aristracy & Communal government the original and most successful government form , like democracy we are now Communal "Every one treated equal" and the state of our Country is still America "Land of the Free home of the Brave" like a Republic state of the country in Dominican republic our stance or state of our country goes back to the people stance before the United States government we were American . With the U.S. government having no government funding account because of misappropriation of funds and a abolish U.S. government to start . All Countrys are now funded by the Royal Commission Government . Transfered from the United States Government to the Royal Commission Government since 2019 Taxes have changed it's $7,000-$8,000 and up per child plus more benefits for dependents holders and all your taxes will be returned back to you at the Beginning of the year with automated filing . Welfare Social security (mental health)and Suppliment income (Gov. General & family) Citizenship in America Government Identication Allied International Force Employment for the Royal Commission Government & Allied International Force, police and cops hiring now , Administration (secretary) , data entry etc all fields , no experience needed , experience is a plus . Opening hiring Correction officers in International military prison and courts Have any Ideas , Charity , Non profits , profit business , shelter or housing programs , jail or prison needs , society updates Royal Commission Government funding Request email for immediate call back United States Government is abolish indefinitely since 2019 filed by U.K parliament and Granted by the Government General Kevin Lee . All Dept. Payrolls funding now come from The Royal Commission Government a world government form registered with International government office . U.S.Police departments are closing in all states imploding all state building because of inforstructure , damage , liens the Gov. never repaired even stopping state inspections from taking place under previous administrations leading to not recording damage in state buildings , curosion , bed bugs in the wall , crumbling walls and ceilings , steel in every state , city buildings bars in Jails and precincts , MTA turnstiles and payment machines made from moltensteel a illegal form of steel which ingriedance was a mixture of the street top drugs burned together to make steel moltensteel only sold by the United States Government , Congress , and politics and confiscated drugs picked up from precinct evidence room by Federal System investigated by Fordam Law school all over the U.S. found in reports online in states like Ohio drugs picked up by Feds . U.S. police department is now replaced by the Royal Commission police and cops in all states in America . The new government that funds every country poverty rural nieghborhoops even to local soup kitchens , payroll for government jobs etc . The formal government review is coming up where Royal Commission Government and Allied Powers and there International Force will visit the White house for the formal live TV program showing the ending of Politics, United States Government, Federal System and Congress filed in the United National . All news and press story's involving U.S. or United States government or fraudulent Federal government , Federal system , federal courts must immediately be changed to Royal Commission Government a world government the only government in America . Royal Commission now paying all salary to all government personel and officials ever funded by U.S. government are now transfered to the Royal Commission Government even Welfare , snap , ebt has been changed sighting the increase growing by good deed purchase by Kevin Lee & the Government General train station fully paid for being installed now in every country , biolers and remodeling repairs in all housing authority projects in America formally the United States , public school buildings repaired and updates etc purchased by the President of Royal Commission Government Kevin Lee who is Allied international force Supreme commander which is associated with Tuskegee Airforce and The Black Pioneers , Black Collectives where Kevin Lee is Commander and Founder . Found in the United Nations For 3 years the U.S. government , Federal systems , Politics and Congress has been abolish indefinitely filed by U.K Parliament and signed and granted by Gov.General Kevin Lee so story's using ( U.S. gov United States government , United States of America , Federal systems , Politics , Congress , Bipartisan Congress are all illegal on news , press channels and newswire etc , Lawsuit's will be filed , Press website and newswires will and can be siezed immediately , Live and Daily news can and will receive dead air if facts are ignored . The end of the Anyltical war with politics and Holy war against mass rape with the execution of Osama Bin Laden , Quasimodo , Saddam Hussein , and Issis (Malcolm Leader name) and the signing of Sanctions to the end of the holy war with tactics of mass rape is William Alfred Martin and Barack Hussein Obama . The end of the Anyltical war recovery stage is now in effect the United States Government fraudulent activity to the American people led to over 600 million Americans receiving lost and stolen money withheld by the courts & police department and other Gov. Officials , investments were also returned to investigated proof of owners of funds , police conjunctions are the one team in the recovery stage of the war and missions . Will and estate fraud are another team and who's working on private businesses that galch payroll , never paid salary or proper salary or pay proper according to the contract agreed or matching there previous salary . So every day Americans also people across the world are getting money deposited in to bank accounts from old jobs who didn't let you take lunch or lawyer or accountant galch or pinch money from paychecks , your inheritance was not given to you properly or handed to you at the funeral . The American pride scheme let police and fraudulent probate lawyers for decades give for decades lied about Will & Estate , probate law . Some say you can present a letter as your dieing wish to claim a will or estate which is false if no Will of Estate is filed which has to be followed to the tea and only handed to the Executor on the willor jail time and forfeit your inheritance .If no Will of estate is filed by law in every state the business , funds , property must be given to the deceased biological children evenly . Children proven by hospital records no birth certificate allowed Birth certificate only prove citerzenship in court . Money from courts repaid from lawsuits where courts use to collect the money at the court house up into the 1980's . Since the first lawsuits 2000 years ago the same time earth and U.S. gov has been around and more ways in court fees and illegal charges at court , investment money held by court , people who hand the court lawsuits money to give to Plaintiff a former process by the court to collect the money if you loss a lawsuit you can pay the court and the court will hand it to the winning Party . Funds are being automatically return to rightful owner bank account with investigation done by professionals and explanation of the crime and money withheld . Investments which were never given to correct owner are being Computer Forensiced for app fraud and non payment by professional Forensic Accountants . Conjunctions and police process where you get the fund of stolen property or debt for crime arrested for at the time similar to a law suit on arrest Just ask the officers at the scene.for a conjunction for the amount of theft or stolen item . The processes is to ask the police officers at the scene for a conjunction in the case by 3 weeks the money of debt must be paid or it goes in to garnishment . Over the decades the police on the United States Government have been collecting conjunctions at precinct or on the scene of the crime and never carryout proper process and give to complaints pinching or galching later used for other government funding . Will and estate fraud by the United States Government is being Forensic and money is being sent automatically also . By law with no will and estate in all states funds are equally distributed to the biological children by medical records not Birth certificate which only prove citerzenship in court . If the person has a will and estate the rules of the will must be followed by law only executors on estate can receive funds , property anything left for he or she . Executioners in will and estate are the people who hand the executioner the properties and documented proof of ownership off new assets . They read the will to recipients at funerals or after the date and time of reported death was reported also watch over to see if the estate has done wrong doing like fraud by family working in Businesses rotation of family who do work in the family business . Federal Government being siezed , raided and buildings closed indefinitely by the Royal Commission Government and Allied international force for rooms of cash used to fund the fraudulent Federal Government which never was registered and keeping high officials in the federal system with cash who knew about the rooms of cash withheld from the public confiscated on arrest home , evasions , hidden as a raid for drug money decriminalized never returned other money was citizens legal money illegally held from private bank who legally had different license than federal and the Fed system took their safe out their house in the days before computer and software described as paper bank before the 1960 and several other situations where the Federal system confiscated funds from people illegally with Federal laws that were never signed by God the proper process . To indite someone with the illegally Federal System with fraudulent laws .For decades mena and women of America has been going to the Federal jail system exonerated after decade's . The lease of occupancy has expired decades ago found on Google images .

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