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Welcome to the official website of Black Cinema Hip Hop. Here you will find information about their life, their career, latest projects, and learn so much more about their work. Email for instant quote pay Book for a shoot online ...

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JAY Z, Kanye West - Otis ft. Otis Redding

Ja Rule - New York (Official Music Video) ft. Fat Joe, Jadakiss

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An Inspiring Journey

Kevin Biography

Justo Mixtape, Oscar and Grammy Award winning Director, musician, arranger, composer, Writer. Kevin Lee is accepting scripts shooting new movies. With a short lived career of 22 major projects in 2006 left him and crew titled Black Cinema . Finishing movies, clearing shelves of major Tv and motion picture studios like Shootas, Training Day, Big Mama’s House 2, Eve Show, Girl Friends, Sex and the City, Blackish, Modern Family and more. In 2015-2020 he has launched 5 Documentary in 2020 He was honored to direct “Tommy Davidson” & Anthony Anderson comedy specials. Music writing has been a blast with hits like “Pretty” August Alsina on the radio now and “Lessons”, “Sincerely”. “Heat” Chris Brown, “No Guidance” also. Classics like “At last” Ella Fitzgerald, Mary J Blidge “Break through” or “As I am” album, 50 Cent “Get Rich or Die trying” album and “Sincerely yours” Mixtape, “Schoolin Life” Beyonce, Micheal Jackson “Butterflies, Prince “Call me” and more. With production companies Hip Hop Multiplex, Kevvideo and movie streaming services Gangster Streaming. Kevin is a entrepreneur helping build Gangster Streaming to a furtune 500 company like he did with Def Jam Record, Universal Music Group and Universal Picture a start up company. Author of 3 books Hip hop the last Religion a series 1 & 2 available now a manual or bible on entertainment mainly music and business with secrets Hip hop the culture the start and the difference between Rap the art form and Hip hop also the a industry 1 on 1 & tell all on the entertainment industry. His other book is “Reincarnegro” a history and registered bible. With chapters on Government Curroption, Queen unjust Reign, Internet tips how the computer was formed, Historic figures address LGBTQ, Underworlds, Black Royals and their military and more.

To get a Quote for Movie development, production or producer or Director…

Services & Packages

$250 4 hours Cameramen Editor
$170 4 hours Cameraman only (just raw footage)

Director : music video or movie $75-$250 Daily (depending on your budget 

Editor : $400 under 5 hours raw footage 1 hour finish project .

Production budget with full crew and Director paid :

Documentary : $700-$1000 with distribution

Full movie development and production start at can finish whole movie for $10,000-$50,000 production budget 

Small budget Music videos : $500 - $1500 
Large music videos in film from : $10,000-1million dollars .


Marketing promo packages :
Market and promote your business for :
$400 Local Business 
Entertainment project :

Movie Development only : $75 a hour

Music studio
Writer : $20,000 or upfront lump sum and half of all sales 
Song or Album : Director $150 hour 

Consultant (give advise) on any matter $50 a hour .


Distribution comes with all packages 
We work at your studio or our studio
Willing to travel 

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We shoot in NYC ,LA ,Atlanta and worldwide

919 Calgary , Atlanta

Thanks for submitting!

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