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Welcome to Harlem Community Kitchens &. Harlem Community After School 

Bringing Hope to the World with Free Soul Food ...

Harlem Hellfighters, Black Pioneers, Black Collectives military Along with Allied International Force, Nike , Louis Vuitton  Presents Bumpy Knowkles
"Harlem Community Kitchen" Worldwide . Harlem Community Kitchen is charity soul food kitchen free to all the public world wide if homeless or just hungry , or simply down on your luck no questions asked . Serving double portions minimum of a full balance diet Protein "meat" , Starch carbohardrates and vitamin in vegetables in every soul food meal . "Dinner" every night 116th in West Harlem open 4-6 pm . Check location in Brooklyn , Queens ,Bronx ,and worldwide 🌎 . Harlem Kitchen founded by Harlem of Harlem , Langston Hughes , Bumpy Knoukles a.n.a Cigs who is America King Kevin Lee. With Master Chef Kenny G's and Chef Sharema owners of Food and Greens Catering who has feed Foster care homeless programs all public schools etc worldwide  . Open To give back to the homeless or just hungry in the community free of charge . 

Family packs , Seniors plates and Large portions available . 

Everyone entitled to 2 trays per-person minimum

Serving Communitys 🌎 World Wide .

Hiring Chefs , Line cooks , Food Packers ,
End email with Resume to

Community Kitchen Of West Harlem – Food BankCommunity-based Organization

This location can help you with: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Get directions Head Quarters Hip hop Atlanta 919 CalgaryBrooklyn, Ny50st Flatlands Ave Mill Basin CanarsieHarlem , NyAddress 252 West 116th Street, Manhattan 10026Nearby Stops B0.0 Miles, 116th StABC0.2 Miles, Cathedral Pkwy (110th St) 230.3 Miles, 116th St

Harlem Community After School 🎒 Program'Reach One Teach One'
Hustle my money 💸 program $40 a dayTo all students & college any borough can take the train to 116th street location Once a day Monday - Friday
Guest Famous & Celebrity Dignatary Dean's Principal Lectures Entertainer's , Clergy .
Teyanna Taylor , Cam'ron , Juelz Santana , Jim Jones , Bird Gang , eve ,fat Joe , Remy Ma , J millz , Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X , Hype William , Spike Lee ,  lil x Tiffany haddish , Lil Baby and more ..

Bumpy Knowkles cash assistance program :

1)$300 Clothing Allowance once a month2)Back to school Allowance3)Winter Allowance4)College Quarterly's Allowance5)College Book Allowance

Adult1)Family Allowance2)Refrigerator Allowance3)Family clothing Allowance

Transportation1)Commute Allowance2)Metro Card 1 time or monthly3) Amtrak or private train stipend 1 time or monthly 
116th On the B or C train 252 W116th Street  
Head Quarters for :Harlem Community kitchemHarlem Community After School Program
Courses on :Athletics trainingBasketballBoxing Self defense (Martial Arts)Susserra Class

Entertainment typesDancingMusic FilmmakingFashion
Trades Schools 
ElectricCulinary ArtsEngineerWebmasterApp development

Corporate Classes
1)The business of Real estate 2)Understanding Credit3)Business how to start a business , Picking lucrative businesses , business to start for under $1000 that gross 1,000,000 under $5,0000 ,under $10,000 under $15,0004)Marketing promotion5)How to get into Entertainment field 

Harlem Community KitchenUnited Gangs Gooners Royal Commission GovernmentAllied International ForceGangster Military 😇 

Brooklyn Thug Gooners G's Division

Gangs United Bloods and Crips Wedding 💒 Giveaways .

Form to submit : email or fill out form
Qualifications : The couple must have had marriage counseling with your names on a wedding registry state , country or town any part of the world qualify .

Both Name's on the wedding registry .
Pick from your favorite wedding colors .
Address to deliver your wedding kit 
Pick a wedding Dress by designer or David Bridal we have the New and Modern style to Wedding Dress also includes 1 down dress Diamond Gold or Pearl for Reception to Dance or to Leave for Hunny moon or After wedding event . 
Included is a full bridal kit FromFlower 🌺 baskets Ring 💍 Boy pillowLining and piping in your wedding favorite wedding colors .

Full wedding band ring set Platinum and Diamond . 
$100,000 Donation / Giftcard used as a debitcard where ever Mastercard is accepted .

Baby Born Allowance $50,000-$100,000
Books on pregnancy during pregnancyParenting books Paid classes TutorialsBaby KitStrollersProper beddingBibs Bassinet
Gift cards and voulturesBaby food Baby formulaNanny Baby sitter voultures and gift cards 

$5,000 Furniture allowanceBedroomKitchenLiving roomBathroom

Promoting keeping family and marriage in society today Our Groundings ...

Email is or Use the Submission form .

Must include Both Name's on the wedding registry .

Pick from your favorite wedding colors .

Address to deliver your wedding kit

Email   Phone Number

Harlem Community After School Program

Vocational Department From Entry level to Job placement center , Training  , courses , Classes.

Get job's In any of these companies associated with
Harlem Community After School Program Referral .

Resume & cover letter preparation
Orientation & Class on Job interview edikit

First look at companys who except everyday from
Harlem Community After School Program
Sony PlaystationHip Hop recordings Atlanta Studio Edifies Nike Louis VuittonMcDonald'sBurger KingM & T BankChanelFoodBank.orgHercules ConstructionMalik and Brothers ConstructionDavid Styles P. Kia Car companyICL & Camba House ,John Gotti's House's Rapper M.A HousesCatholic CharitiesMercedesVolvoFord F 150

Job's & Careers in A International Force or military
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Legal hustles ways to make money 💲 in your local community 

Fast ways to make cash on a rainy day.

Legal hustle on a broke day .
1) Get cash assistance from you regular local welfare ebt office recertify all student loan debt is dissolved so everyone can apply with no children Welfare gives $400 a week cash assistance if unemployed plus Ebt food stamps is another $700 minimum monthly single man or woman with Medicare or Medicare health insurance file for all at one time. Leave the same day with the cash on the card , food stamps and heath insurance active the same day . Then sell grandma , auntie sister , Block brother food stamps $60 in grocery they give you $4o what ever a your deal is to refill or stock your  crib and refrigerator all products and paper good can be purchased with food stamps , ebt a manual input for cashier's so soap or toilet tissue can be purchased with food stamps or cash at your local convenience store,  deli , bodega or supermarket for 3 years now the memoranda letter from the Royal Commission Government are the only legal rules mailed to any store with a Ebt welfare card processor at the counter . 

Laws and rules for buying used products .
All stores must offer no lower than 30% of the  value by law .
Sell used products and junk from home online some website give as high as 70% of value 
Brand new products with a tag must be purchased at full price .
Mail processes :All online stores that purchase used items pay for shipping and delivery just have $50 cent to download and print out the form at staples for $50cent tape it to a clean box you find walking to staples and carry.sealed box to any FedEx.or ups or USPS they scam the box when you  drop off then leave no payment is needed to ship out items  . Next day payment on most website's direct to PayPal ,Mail check some transfer to cash app , online banks like chime and Caro , and Commercial bank 🏧 . Must wash all of the clothes on most website your clothes will not excepted dirty or dengy .

Selling used cars vans Jeeps , Trucks etc .
Sell used cars later after you earn you can study a brief guide to get your dealers license under 10 cars sold a year no dealers license is needed it's considered a hobby .  Buy from sheriff police and private auctions etc . Tips you can bring your own mechanic friend to over check the engine and car condition some cars sell as low as $300 dollars you can leave with 3 for $1000 that sell at $1000-$1500 each to start selling fast parking cars on Avenues with cars for sell already with for sale stickers or marker and simertamio sully Filling out online car dealership social media & classified websites and profiles with pictures taken after the car wash from the auction classified that sell used cars by the minute .

Legal hustle selling used clothes :
Poshmark - Buy & Sell Fashion - Sell your clothes and make $$$4.3  (119,241)
Poshmark is the largest social commerce marketplace where anyone can buy, sell and share. Your Pre-Owned Items - Earn 100% Of 
Your Sale Price
Sell! Share! 100% of the items are curated and manually controlled by our experts. Time To...Rating for vestiairecollective.com4.2 (194) Paid for Old Sneakers - Sell Us Your Old Sneakers .
Explore an alternative to traditional online thrifting. We buy old sneakers and keep them... Your Items With One Click - The Ultimate Reseller's ToolImport Items, Bulk Delist & Relist with Just a Few Clicks, and Manage Your Inventory. 

For selling used clothes online consider these sites:
1. Depop2. EBay3. Facebook Marketplace4. Poshmark5. swap.com6. ThredUP7. Tradesy8. The RealReal9. Mercari
Sell Used Clothes In PersonFor selling used clothes in person consider these national outlets:
10. Clothes Mentor12. Once Upon a Child13. Plato’s Closet14. Style Encore15. Uptown Cheapskate16. Bonus: Local Consignment Shops

Sell used Video Games › sell-you...Sell Old Video Games For Cash Online - DKOldies
Best place to sell old video games for cash online, we buy all used game collections like Nintendo, N64, NES, Sega, Gamecube, Wii and more ... › overview › g...Gameflip is the best way to sell games for cashGameflip is the best way to sell games, whether you want to update your collection or just need some cash. You can sell latest titles or favorite classics
They except With or without scratches this company Used Video Games Online - Fast Payments
You Can Sell Or Trade Everything You Have. Get Real Price Quote. Get Paid In 1 Day. No One Beats Our Prices. Family Run Over 10 Years. Brands: NES, Genesis, Play Station.
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Top Places to Sell Video GamesDecluttr. Using Decluttr is one of the easiest ways to sell video games. ...SellCell. A few of the popular cell phone buy and sell sites also offer great deals on other electronics and video games. ...
Swappa. ...
Amazon. ...
Game Stop. ...
Facebook Marketplace. ...
Craigslist. ...

Sell used shoes online
35 Best Places to Sell Your Shoes Online for CashAdvertiser DisclosureThese days, there's no shortage of places to sell your secondhand or unwanted goods. That's why we've curated this list of the best places to sell your shoes and other used items for cash -- both online and locally.
Megan Robinson Written by Megan RobinsonLast Updated: November 8, 2021Megan Robinson Reviewed by Zina KumokHome  Side Hustles
Selling your used shoes for cash is a great way to declutter your space and make some extra money in the process.
Plus, putting your secondhand clothes and shoes back into circulation reduces waste by keeping them out of the garbage.
Craigslist and eBay used to be the only ways to sell used stuff online. These days, there’s no shortage of places to sell your secondhand or unwanted goods.
Where to Sell Shoes Online for CashIf you’ve ever wanted to sell your shoes fast, there are multiple places to sell your old shoes online.
1. FlypFlyp app mockup
Flyp takes all the guesswork (and work) out of selling your shoes by connecting you with a professional seller, AKA a “Pro Seller”,  who does all the work for you.

Pro Sellers on Flyp sell on commission and will pay you as each item sells. And, you’re more likely to get top dollar because these career sellers take professional photos, are familiar with which apps are most relevant for each brand and style, and know how to set prices for maximum profits. Plus, they handle shipping and customer service.
Flyp also has a robust protection policy, so your items are in trustworthy hands. If an item doesn’t sell within 90 days, you can have it donated, request to get it back for free, reduce the fees, or sell the item outright at a discount.
2. The RealRealTheRealReal homepageThe RealReal is a luxury consignment shop that caters to brands like Michael Kors, Gucci, Chanel, and Calvin Klein. 

There are three ways to consign with this platform:
Schedule a free in-home pickup (if available in your area)Ship your items to The RealReal with a free prepaid labelVisit a Luxury Consignment Office in person for a free valuation and to drop off your goodsSchedule a virtual consignment appointment Its team of 90+ experts works to authenticate, photograph, price, and sell your items. The amount you earn depends on how much you sell in any given month, but typical payouts range from 50% to 55% of your selling price.

You can cash out via direct deposit or check. You can also receive earnings as site credit and earn an extra 5%.
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3. thredUPsell on thredUpthredUP makes it easy to sell shoes online, as well as clothing and accessories.
To sell your items, order a free “Clean Out Bag” on thredUP’s website. It may take a few days for the bag to arrive. Once you get it, place your shoes and other items in the bag and send it via FedEx or USPS.
thredUP will inspect your items before listing. The site says it accepts fewer than 40% of items in the average Clean Out Bag. Make sure your items are clean, name-brand, less than five years old, and in excellent condition to increase your chances. Heavily worn shoes likely won’t be accepted.
If your items are in high demand, thredUP will pay you immediately after they go through processing. If your items fall into the luxury category, or if it predicts your shoes will take longer to sell, then you’ll be paid on consignment or once they sell.
Items from “value or mall brands” such as Target, Forever 21, and Gap will be listed for 60 days while premium and designer brands including J. Crew, Prada, and Gucci will be listed for 90 days.
You get to choose how to accept your payment: cash out to your bank account via Stripe, transfer the money via PayPal, or accept thredUP shopping credit. You can cash out once the 14-day return window is over. 
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4. PoshmarkPoshmark homepagePoshmark is a free app and website that makes it easy to list and sell your used shoes fast. The site claims you can list items for sale in less than 30 seconds.
This app focuses on fashionable clothes, shoes, and accessories. The good news: it’s a great place to sell your old Prada boots or Nike sneakers. The bad news: your non-name-brand items might not do so well.
To sell your shoes on Poshmark, snap a photo, add a description, and set the price. Once your item sells, Poshmark will send you a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label. Package your item, then drop it off at a USPS mailbox. 
You’ll have to pay a fee to Poshmark once the sale is made — $2.95 on sales under $15 and 20% on sales over $15. Once the buyer receives your package, Poshmark will credit your account within three days unless there’s a problem.
You can withdraw your earnings via direct deposit straight to your bank account or request a check in the mail.
Related: 8 Best Sites to Sell Clothes Online
5. TradesyTradesy website screenshotTradesy focuses on authentic, designer fashion. This luxury fashion site makes it easy to sell shoes online, with an estimated listing time of 60 seconds or less.
Once your item sells, Tradesy sends you a prepaid, pre-packaged shipping kit, complete with branded packaging. One of the best features of this site is that you get to keep your money even if your items are returned. Tradesy handles everything.
Tradesy keeps a commission of $7.50 for items sold for less than $50 and a flat 19.8% for anything over $50. You can use your earnings on your account to fund your next Tradsey shopping spree or pay a 2.9% fee to transfer them to PayPal, a debit card, or a checking account.
Tradesy may hold your payment for up to 21 days after the sale is finalized.
Related: 13 Best Places to Sell Your Jewelry Online
6. GrailedGrailed HomepageGrailed is a specialty site with a focus on men’s shoes and clothing.
This site is split into four distinct market sections:
Grailed: high-quality, coveted items from well-known designers (Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, etc.)Hype: new streetwear releases (Supreme, Air Jordans, Yeezy, etc.)Sartorial: high-end classic menswear (Alden, Tom Ford, etc.)Core: well-known, mass-market brands and vintage clothingTo get started, set up your account and follow the instructions to connect your Grailed account to your PayPal account. Upload some photos and add information about your product.
Your item will be listed on your seller page as well as the appropriate market section on Grailed. You’ll be notified when people ask questions or make an offer.
When a buyer purchases your item, you’ll receive the money via PayPal, minus a 6% Grailed commission and PayPal fees, which are 2.9% plus $0.30 for domestic sales or 4.4% plus $0.30 for international sales.
You’re responsible for shipping your item and uploading the information to both PayPal and Grailed. You can print a label directly through PayPal after the buyer makes the purchase.
7. HeroineHeroine homepageHeroine is the sister site to Grailed, but its items focus on women’s clothing and accessories. You can use Heroine if you have a collection of high-end and name-brand women’s shoes or clothing.
The selling process is similar to Grailed, including its commission and fee schedule. If you have an account with Grailed, you can use your login credentials for Heroine and vice versa.
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8. KixifyKixify homepageKixify is another free site that allows you to sell shoes online. It specializes in sneakers for both casual buyers and serious collectors.
To sell sneakers for cash on Kixify, you’ll need to set up a storefront. There are no setup or listing fees, and it’s free to create your store. You’ll have to pay an 8% commission fee once your item sells.
Kixify uses PayPal to process transactions, so your earnings will go straight to your PayPal account. As the store owner, you get to set your own policies for shipping, returns, exchanges, and other guidelines.
This flexibility can be great, but it might be overwhelming if you want to sell your sneakers for cash with minimal effort.
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9. buyMYheelsbuymyheels homepageIf you’re looking to get rid of designer heels, buyMYheels is a great marketplace.
This site offers a worldwide reach for selling your name-brand shoes. There’s no commission, but you will have to pay a listing fee of £5, which comes out to roughly $6.50 USD.
If you’re trying to use the site to sell non-name-brand shoes, be aware that there are strict guidelines for them. If you’re not sure about the authenticity of your items, you may be better off choosing another site on this list.
The interface of this site is old and dated, but it’s still a legitimate option for selling your unwanted shoes.
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10. MercariMercari homepageMercari is a comprehensive app where you can do more than just sell shoes. You can sell anything from clothes, to electronics, to kids’ toys.
Mercari doesn’t charge listing fees but does have a flat commission of 10% on all items sold. 
To get started, download the app, take a few pictures, add a detailed description, and set a price. Buyers can “favorite” your items or share them on social media.
Once your shoes sell, you have the option to choose a prepaid shipping label or ship on your own. If you choose to handle your own shipping, you’ll need to make sure the package has a tracking number. Mercari claims its labels are 30% cheaper than retail shipping prices.
After your buyer receives the item, they have three days to submit a review so you can get paid. If they don’t submit a review within three days, Mercari will give you a rating and send your payment.
You can use your earnings to shop on the app or cash out via direct deposit. However, there is a $2 fee for direct deposit requests less than $10. You can also get paid through a deposit on your debit card, but this also comes with a $2 fee.
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11. eBayeBay homepage Given its popularity and worldwide user base, eBay is a great place to sell shoes and other clothes online.
One thing to consider is that eBay may have higher listing and selling fees than other sites on this list. So when you set your prices, make sure to account for shipping costs and other related fees, including the commission on the items you sell.
eBay’s reach and size makes it a great option to sell shoes for money, but keep in mind that you may sacrifice profit for convenience. If you’re selling a rare pair of shoes, you may find more buyers on eBay than on smaller niche sites. 
Related: 22 Sites Like eBay to Sell Almost Anything Online or In Person
12. GOATGOAT homepageGOAT is a sneaker-focused shoe resale website. If you have a pair of Jordans or Yeezys, consider selling them on GOAT. You have to fill out an application and be approved manually. It may take a few days to get your application approved. 
To create a listing, search for the item’s SKU number (which will be on the original shoe box or inside the shoe), choose a price, describe the condition, and then upload the photos. 
The commission fee schedule for GOAT is a little confusing. Sellers are rated and have to pay a higher fee if there are problems. A seller in good standing will pay a 9.5% commission fee, plus a special seller fee.
The seller fee depends on where you’re based. Those in the US will have a $5 seller fee while those in other countries will pay more.   
Once the shoes sell, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label. Once the item is authenticated, you can receive the payout via PayPal or direct deposit. There’s a 2.9% fee for both.  
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13. StockXStockX homepageStockX is a selling site that focuses on sneakers and streetwear. Its process is a little different. Sellers list an item or put it up for auction. Then, the item is sent to Stockx, which authenticates all items before passing them on to the buyer. 
Every seller will pay a 3% payment processing fee and a seller fee. Seller fees depend on how many sales you’ve had. If you have no history with StockX, it’ll charge you a 9.5% fee.
If you have 30 sales with $10,000 worth of items sold, the fee goes down to 8.5%. You can receive your funds via PayPal or direct deposit into your bank. 
Here are more places to sell your shoes online that didn’t quite make our main list:
14. ASOS Marketplace15. Depop16. LePrix (designer-focused)17. Vinted18. Bonanza19. Swap.com20. Material World21. Once Wed (designer bridal shoes)17 Simple Ways to Boost Your Income   Your first name   Your email address

Where to Sell Shoes for Cash Near YouIn addition to online consignment shops, you might want to consider selling your shoes through local marketplaces. This can be a faster way to sell shoes, and you receive cash instantly instead of waiting for funds to transfer to your account.
Plus, there’s no chance of you having to refund a customer because they didn’t like the shoes. 
Here are some of the best local places to sell shoes for cash.
22. OfferUpOfferUp homepageThis is another Craigslist-like app you can use to sell shoes for cash. OfferUp isn’t just good for clothes, accessories, and shoes, so you can use this app to sell other things in your home.
You can also ship items to buyers nationwide. Buyers pay for shipping, and OfferUp provides a prepaid shipping label to sellers. If you choose to ship an item, you’ll also pay a commission fee to OfferUp — a minimum of $1.99 or 12.9% of the final price.   
You can connect your Facebook account with OfferUp and buyers can message you in the app, which makes coordinating the exchange quick and easy. You can also look at a buyer’s rating to determine whether or not you want to do business with them. 
OfferUp claims it only takes 30 seconds to list an item through the app.
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23. VarageSaleVarageSale homepageVarageSale is like a virtual garage sale where you can sell your used shoes and other items. The service is currently available in all 50 states in the US and parts of Canada.
Unlike some other sites, such as Craigslist and letgo, VarageSale vets each user manually before they buy or sell. You’ll need to connect to your Facebook account and wait for to be approved. The added security measures help ensure that each user is authentic.
There are no listing fees or commissions, and all sales are negotiated between the buyer and seller.
24. 5Miles5miles homepageWhat makes 5Miles interesting is that users can rate other users based on their experience. 5Miles also uses Facebook and phone verification so you know you’re dealing with real people and not scammers.
The site is similar to Craigslist, but with the look and feel of Pinterest. This makes it more attractive and easier for users, but you’ll also want to include some high-quality images to attract potential buyers.
The downside of 5Miles is that it’s still relatively new, which means it might not be available in your area. If that’s the case, you’re probably better using some of the other apps on this list.
25. CraigslistCraigslist was one of the first online marketplaces for buying and selling used shoes and almost anything else locally, and it’s still a great option.
The downside is that it doesn’t offer the same vetting and security features. Buyers on Craigslist can be flaky, and there can be lots of scammers. 
Here are some other options to sell your shoes in person:
26. Dealo27. Facebook Marketplace28. Shpock29. Crossroads Trading30. Uptown Cheapskate (in-store only)31. Buffalo Exchange (in-store only)32. Plato’s Closet (in-store only)Related: How to Sell on Craigslist (And 6 Tips for Success)
Sell Your Own Shoe DesignsIf you consider yourself a shoe enthusiast with an eye for design, then you could potentially make some fast money selling your own shoe designs online. You don’t have to be a pro or an experienced artist; all you need is motivation and have a desire to learn.
Here are the best places to start selling your own shoe designs.
33. Etsysell on Etsy page
Etsy is an online marketplace where you can buy handmade or vintage items, including shoes, clothing, and accessories. This site specifically caters to people looking for unique or different clothing items rather than popular brands.
To sell your designs, you’ll need to set up your storefront, which is a simple and quick process. Then you can start listing items for sale. Make sure you have high-quality pictures and thorough descriptions to entice customers. You can also create coupon codes, sale pricing, and special offers for those who “favorite” your shop.
Etsy reaches 45 million buyers globally, which means more exposure for the items you’re trying to sell. There’s a $0.20 listing fee for each item as well as a 5% transaction fee, and a payment processing fee.
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34. StorenvyStorenvy open store pageStorenvy is a popular platform for indie clothing brands.
The marketplace offers access to millions of Storenvy shoppers where customers can like (or “envy”) your products. The more envies your store receives, the more you’ll show up in search results, the trending feed, and on category pages.
Shoppers who “watch” your store will receive notifications when you add new products to the marketplace. Businesses that receive the most activity have a chance at being featured. The Storenvy marketplace is a great tool to sell your shore designs online, especially for new businesses that don’t have a large following.
There is a free option with Storenvy, but there are also two paid tiers that offer more features to sellers. Storenvy keeps 15% of what you make on marketplace sales.
If you already have a business or online presence, you can create a custom store, separate from the marketplace, to match your existing brand. Storenvy even lets you connect your own domain name to your custom store.
35. ZazzleZazzle create pageJoining Zazzle is free and easy.
As a designer, Zazzle handles all printing and shipping for you. The items you can sell include custom shoes, T-shirts, kids’ clothing, and tote bags.
To get started, create a Zazzle account, upload your designs, and choose the products you want to sell. You still have to do the work of resizing and perfecting your design. However, you get to set your own pricing.
Zazzle chooses the base rate for each product, and you set your own commission which falls anywhere between 5% and 99% to determine the retail price.
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Tips for Selling Your Used ShoesWhen it comes to selling your shoes online, list your items on more than one site. The more places you list your shoes, the more people will see them. This means they’ll sell faster, and you’ll make more money in the long run.
Instead of choosing one site, experiment with a few and see where your target buyer is most likely to shop.
Secondly, make sure your pictures are high-quality and accurate. No one wants to buy a pair of “like-new” boots only to find several major scuff marks. You don’t want to get bad reviews or deal with returns because your shoes didn’t live up to their profile picture.
Consider what condition your items are in before you start looking for buyers. Take some time to clean them up and make them presentable. If no amount of cleaning can repair their current state, then you may want to consider donating them instead.
Finally, be realistic about how much money you might earn from your used shoes. Consider what you’d pay if you were the buyer. If you price your shoes too high, it will take longer to find an interested buyer. However, you can usually adjust your pricing and experiment to find the sweet spot.

List of other Legal hustles :
More products you can Google "Sell used ________  online"Sell used cds 
Academy cds, vinyl, dvds and blu-ray movies for cash.Phone: (212) 242-3000. Sell cds, vinyl, dvds and blu-ray movies for cash. **Updates on selling**. If you are wishing to sell; Vinyl records, CDs, 
Sell used DVD 

Top Sites to get Cash for Your Used DVDsDecluttr. Decluttr is our top recommendation to rid yourself of old DVDs (and video games). ...Eagle Saver. Eagle Saver is one of several online marketplaces that will purchase used DVDs and Blu-Rays. ...
eBay. ...
Buyback Express. ...
Textbook Rush. ...
Bonavendi. ... ...
Sell DVDs Online.
Sell used and antique furniture
Sell books online

Scrap metel business .
What Are The Most Valuable Things To Scrap?1) Aluminum. One of the most profitable items to scrap this year is aluminum. ...2) Copper. Copper is one of the most valuable things to scrap that you can easily find around your home. ...3) Brass. ...4) Lead. ...5) Stainless Steel. ...6) Platinum Jewelry. ...7) Used Appliances. ...8) Old Tools.
Scrap Copper Prices per PoundBare Bright Copper: $2.30 – $2.40/LB(over 250 lbs)#1 Copper: $2.20 – $2.30/LB (over 250 lbs)#2 Copper: $1.95 – $2.05/ LB (over 250 lbs)Insulated Copper Wire: $0.25 – $1.25 (based on % of Copper, bring in for grading)
Harlem Scrap metal for cash
EZ Metal Recycling, Inc

Scrap metal dealer · Brooklyn, NY Opens 8:30AM Mon
Junk My Car Bronx
Auto wrecker · 691 E 137th StOpen 24 hours
American Scrap Metal Inc.
Recycling center · 1791 Webster AveClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM Mon
"I highly recommend them!"
Timpson Salvage Co
Recycling center · The Bronx, NYClosed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon
US Metal & Resources IncNo reviews ·