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Welcome to Harlem Community Kitchens &. Harlem Community After School 

Bringing Hope to the World with Free Soul Food ...

Harlem Hellfighters, Black Pioneers, Black Collectives military Along with Allied International Force, Nike , Louis Vuitton  Presents Bumpy Knowkles
"Harlem Community Kitchen" Worldwide . Harlem Community Kitchen is charity soul food kitchen free to all the public world wide if homeless or just hungry , or simply down on your luck no questions asked . Serving double portions minimum of a full balance diet Protein "meat" , Starch carbohardrates and vitamin in vegetables in every soul food meal . "Dinner" every night 116th in West Harlem open 4-6 pm . Check location in Brooklyn , Queens ,Bronx ,and worldwide 🌎 . Harlem Kitchen founded by Harlem of Harlem , Langston Hughes , Bumpy Knoukles a.n.a Cigs who is America King Kevin Lee. With Master Chef Kenny G's and Chef Sharema owners of Food and Greens Catering who has feed Foster care homeless programs all public schools etc worldwide  . Open To give back to the homeless or just hungry in the community free of charge . 

Family packs , Seniors plates and Large portions available . 

Everyone entitled to 2 trays per-person minimum

Serving Communitys 🌎 World Wide .

Hiring Chefs , Line cooks , Food Packers ,
End email with Resume to

Community Kitchen Of West Harlem – Food BankCommunity-based Organization

This location can help you with: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Get directions Head Quarters Hip hop Atlanta 919 CalgaryBrooklyn, Ny50st Flatlands Ave Mill Basin CanarsieHarlem , NyAddress 252 West 116th Street, Manhattan 10026Nearby Stops B0.0 Miles, 116th StABC0.2 Miles, Cathedral Pkwy (110th St) 230.3 Miles, 116th St

Harlem Community After School 🎒 Program'Reach One Teach One'
Hustle my money 💸 program $40 a dayTo all students & college any borough can take the train to 116th street location Once a day Monday - Friday
Guest Famous & Celebrity Dignatary Dean's Principal Lectures Entertainer's , Clergy .
Teyanna Taylor , Cam'ron , Juelz Santana , Jim Jones , Bird Gang , eve ,fat Joe , Remy Ma , J millz , Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X , Hype William , Spike Lee ,  lil x Tiffany haddish , Lil Baby and more ..

Bumpy Knowkles cash assistance program :

1)$300 Clothing Allowance once a month2)Back to school Allowance3)Winter Allowance4)College Quarterly's Allowance5)College Book Allowance

Adult1)Family Allowance2)Refrigerator Allowance3)Family clothing Allowance

Transportation1)Commute Allowance2)Metro Card 1 time or monthly3) Amtrak or private train stipend 1 time or monthly 
116th On the B or C train 252 W116th Street  
Head Quarters for :Harlem Community kitchemHarlem Community After School Program
Courses on :Athletics trainingBasketballBoxing Self defense (Martial Arts)Susserra Class

Entertainment typesDancingMusic FilmmakingFashion
Trades Schools 
ElectricCulinary ArtsEngineerWebmasterApp development

Corporate Classes
1)The business of Real estate 2)Understanding Credit3)Business how to start a business , Picking lucrative businesses , business to start for under $1000 that gross 1,000,000 under $5,0000 ,under $10,000 under $15,0004)Marketing promotion5)How to get into Entertainment field 

Harlem Community KitchenUnited Gangs Gooners Royal Commission GovernmentAllied International ForceGangster Military 😇 

Brooklyn Thug Gooners G's Division

Gangs United Bloods and Crips Wedding 💒 Giveaways .

Form to submit : email or fill out form
Qualifications : The couple must have had marriage counseling with your names on a wedding registry state , country or town any part of the world qualify .

Both Name's on the wedding registry .
Pick from your favorite wedding colors .
Address to deliver your wedding kit 
Pick a wedding Dress by designer or David Bridal we have the New and Modern style to Wedding Dress also includes 1 down dress Diamond Gold or Pearl for Reception to Dance or to Leave for Hunny moon or After wedding event . 
Included is a full bridal kit FromFlower 🌺 baskets Ring 💍 Boy pillowLining and piping in your wedding favorite wedding colors .

Full wedding band ring set Platinum and Diamond . 
$100,000 Donation / Giftcard used as a debitcard where ever Mastercard is accepted .

Baby Born Allowance $50,000-$100,000
Books on pregnancy during pregnancyParenting books Paid classes TutorialsBaby KitStrollersProper beddingBibs Bassinet
Gift cards and voulturesBaby food Baby formulaNanny Baby sitter voultures and gift cards 

$5,000 Furniture allowanceBedroomKitchenLiving roomBathroom

Promoting keeping family and marriage in society today Our Groundings ...

Email is or Use the Submission form .

Must include Both Name's on the wedding registry .

Pick from your favorite wedding colors .

Address to deliver your wedding kit

Email   Phone Number

Harlem Community After School Program

Vocational Department From Entry level to Job placement center , Training  , courses , Classes.

Get job's In any of these companies associated with
Harlem Community After School Program Referral .

Resume & cover letter preparation
Orientation & Class on Job interview edikit

First look at companys who except everyday from
Harlem Community After School Program
Sony PlaystationHip Hop recordings Atlanta Studio Edifies Nike Louis VuittonMcDonald'sBurger KingM & T BankChanelFoodBank.orgHercules ConstructionMalik and Brothers ConstructionDavid Styles P. Kia Car companyICL & Camba House ,John Gotti's House's Rapper M.A HousesCatholic CharitiesMercedesVolvoFord F 150

Job's & Careers in A International Force or military
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Legal hustles ways to make money 💲 in your local community 

Fast ways to make cash on a rainy day.

Legal hustle on a broke day .
1) Get cash assistance from you regular local welfare ebt office recertify all student loan debt is dissolved so everyone can apply with no children Welfare gives $400 a week cash assistance if unemployed plus Ebt food stamps is another $700 minimum monthly single man or woman with Medicare or Medicare health insurance file for all at one time. Leave the same day with the cash on the card , food stamps and heath insurance active the same day . Then sell grandma , auntie sister , Block brother food stamps $60 in grocery they give you $4o what ever a your deal is to refill or stock your  crib and refrigerator all products and paper good can be purchased with food stamps , ebt a manual input for cashier's so soap or toilet tissue can be purchased with food stamps or cash at your local convenience store,  deli , bodega or supermarket for 3 years now the memoranda letter from the Royal Commission Government are the only legal rules mailed to any store with a Ebt welfare card processor at the counter . 

Laws and rules for buying used products .
All stores must offer no lower than 30% of the  value by law .
Sell used products and junk from home online some website give as high as 70% of value 
Brand new products with a tag must be purchased at full price .
Mail processes :All online stores that purchase used items pay for shipping and delivery just have $50 cent to download and print out the form at staples for $50cent tape it to a clean box you find walking to staples and carry.sealed box to any FedEx.or ups or USPS they scam the box when you  drop off then leave no payment is needed to ship out items  . Next day payment on most website's direct to PayPal ,Mail check some transfer to cash app , online banks like chime and Caro , and Commercial bank 🏧 . Must wash all of the clothes on most website your clothes will not excepted dirty or dengy .

Selling used cars vans Jeeps , Trucks etc .
Sell used cars later after you earn you can study a brief guide to get your dealers license under 10 cars sold a year no dealers license is needed it's considered a hobby .  Buy from sheriff police and private auctions etc . Tips you can bring your own mechanic friend to over check the engine and car condition some cars sell as low as $300 dollars you can leave with 3 for $1000 that sell at $1000-$1500 each to start selling fast parking cars on Avenues with cars for sell already with for sale stickers or marker and simertamio sully Filling out online car dealership social media & classified websites and profiles with pictures taken after the car wash from the auction classified that sell used cars by the minute .

Legal hustle selling used clothes :
Poshmark - Buy & Sell Fashion - Sell your clothes and make $$$4.3  (119,241)
Poshmark is the largest social commerce marketplace where anyone can buy, sell and share. Your Pre-Owned Items - Earn 100% Of 
Your Sale Price
Sell! Share! 100% of the items are curated and manually controlled by our experts. Time To...Rating for vestiairecollective.com4.2 (194) Paid for Old Sneakers - Sell Us Your Old Sneakers .
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